by Zachariah Hoffer on January 16th, 2019
It's coming.  The day before my birthday, first degree murder charges were filed.  The slow beginning of the end.  It's been such a long road.  Truth is needed, so that everyone can heal, and see things for what they really are.I went for a drive this weekend.  To the house where he buried Anjelica's body.  It brought back all the memories of searching.  Dark memories.  Ugly.  Especially the day w...  Read More
So much happening...
by Zachariah Hoffer on March 9th, 2018
3.9.18  I have met so many people.. overwhelmed.  Was entirely alone, now interesting people coming out of the woodwork.  Being prepared for something?  Pay attention, let the spirit flow and amazing things happen.  If our selfish desires get in the way, then we stifle the spirit..For instance, a disheveled young man asked me for money in front of the Home Depot.  I saw he was in distress, looking...  Read More
by Zachariah Hoffer on January 18th, 2018
1.18.18The push is for me to lie down in disgrace and weakness in utter despair in the loss of a most precious child...I have wept and do still.  I have lied down helpless and hopeless, not able to breathe, knowing that she, who I was made to protect, has no more breath in her.  Her breath was taken under a cloud of lies and betrayal and selfishness.  But I have no right to be weak, while I am see...  Read More
Making Moves
by Zachariah Hoffer on December 10th, 2017
12.10.17  - I've been studying the law and the government structure.  Learning so much.  Many of the changes I wanted to make ALREADY are in place, but are not effective.  There is ALREADY a Judicial Council, but it obviously has no clue how to run family court.  There is ALREADY a law for judges to follow regarding people with Family Abuse history living with children, but the judges make up thei...  Read More
Waiting for justice... #justice4anjelica
by Zachariah Hoffer on November 11th, 2017
Frustrating, cause I guess I am the only one who cares about REAL justice for Anjelica.  Ya, her mom and her sisters and her friends and family want whoever they think the killer is, put in jail, but what about all that done against her before that??  She was led to believe he was an ok guy.  He wasn't.  What could I do?  I tried.  Courts rejected me.  He was even allowed to adopt her with that cr...  Read More
Seeing the World
by Zachariah Hoffer on September 24th, 2017
9.24.17  -  Such a desperation to right the wrongs.  But in reality, who does it matter to?  I joined a movement online, composed of other parents wronged by the system and by the other parent.  They all want to change the way things are done.  I followed them and was active in all their groups.  I did 3 interviews.  I researched the facts.  I thought of solutions.  I made a website.  I made the b...  Read More
Happy Birthday Anjel
by Zachariah Hoffer on August 10th, 2017
8.9.17HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANJELICA MARIE HOFFER.  She would be 21 today.  It's been exactly 8 years ago that she started staying at her mother's full time.  That was a turning point.  If only she wasn't tricked into rejecting me and my family.  How would things be today?I wrote a letter to the newspaper today.  I would like them to publish the back story of Anjelica's passing, not just everything that ...  Read More
Hard Work
by Zachariah Hoffer on August 1st, 2017
8.1.17It's not fun researching all these children that have been murdered by the romantic partner of a single mother.  I know this is only one segment of the population of children murdered.  And I know for every child whose life is actually taken, there are probably 500 or so that are being abused that we don't get to read about in the paper.This takes up a lot of time and it is very depressing. ...  Read More
by Zachariah Hoffer on July 13th, 2017


So, for some reason, people that know more than me think that I need to tone down my words.  "Don't make yourself look crazy".  Well, the situation is crazy.  I am not crazy.  I did not create this situation.  I will tone things down just to ensure that I don't get in the way of progress, but the truth speaks for itself.  I am only a messenger.  The facts are the facts.  Today I began a let

...  Read More
a full day
by Zachariah Hoffer on June 12th, 2017
Started by digging into the book of Job.  Learned about justice.  Such burning questions.  The same asked by Job.  Why?  Why do the righteous suffer, and the wicked prevail?  The young Elihu enlightens us.  We are ALL worthy of 'the pit', of severe punishment, because we are all far from perfect.  Yet we are spared.  We are so lucky to have been created and breathed life into, by the ALL mighty Go...  Read More