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12.10.17  - I've been studying the law and the government structure.  Learning so much.  Many of the changes I wanted to make ALREADY are in place, but are not effective.  There is ALREADY a Judicial Council, but it obviously has no clue how to run family court.  There is ALREADY a law for judges to follow regarding people with Family Abuse history living with children, but the judges make up their own law as they go.  There is ALREADY a venue for accountability - JIRC, but that is akin to a toilet drain, as is complaining to the BAR or to the Chief Judge of the Family Court.
What's left?
Well I have heard that the move to require background checks of step-parent adoption is being considered to be a bill.  That is good news.  But only a start.
We need to make Guardian ad Litems more EDUCATED, QUALIFIED, and ACCOUNTABLE.  NOW!!!!  That is very important to me.  That is one of the main issues which caused Anjelica's loss.
There needs to be ACCOUNTABILITY for these judges.  Public Hearings, Transparency in the Courts.  You fail - YOU GO!!
I am going to present my research on each of these issues to my legislatures.  I am going to file all the appropriate complaints.  I am seeking justice for my children..  I fight for them - ALL THREE - even though they walked out on me.  A dad's job is NEVER DONE!!     

Zachariah Hoffer

Father of 3 precious girls. Trying to love. Despite my brokenness and despite evil in this world.

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Sierra hibbert - January 23rd, 2020 at 11:40pm

My number is 470-354-5857. My boyfriend of almost 2 years has known Anjelica since they were kids and he moved to georgia to live with his died before she passed. She and morgan were bestfriends and I know so many good stories of her because of him. I am so sorry for your loss but wanted to reach out to you because I called him making sure he just got home safely only to find out he almost got into an accident driving home tonight because he was crying missing his bestfriend. His sister recently told him something about a governor ? Who used to be a therapist for her i believe and it hit him hard. He loves your daughter so much they were really best friends and always wrote eachother on Facebook, Skyped when they were younger and sent letters back and forth from virgins to georgia after he moved. I looked up her name tonight trying to see if there was anything new that he would look up and see and found this website. I just want to say thank you.. he immediately started to say yeah that’s how I remembered her , and oh so that’s what that was she never told me that as he was looking a little at the website. You helped him for a moment stop thinking about the bad and to remember all the good times they had which is something I know isn’t easy. My boyfriend is so strong and has lost so many people after she passed including all his grandparents aunts and even his god mom. I’ve been with him through it all but never know what to tell him to try and help when he’s crying for the loss of his bestfriend but I feel like this website you made was purely a blessing because I heard the joy start to come back to his voice. His name is Morgan Stuckey and his number is 478-737-0123 he keeps pictures of his bestfriend from her prom and keeps all her notes from school in his old notebook and the letters she would mail to him. I know this is a lot to ask for but he always felt worse for not being able to go to her memorial or keep in contact with any of her family.