This site is about Anjelica's life, but also about how our court system put a violent predator into her life.

By Gracie-Lynn


If the Delaware County, OHIO courts would have prosecuted Wesley Hadsell in 2005, after he was accused of abduction, multiple rapes, assaults, and kidnapping, as well as threatening his victim, then he would have still been in prison, instead of living with my daughters.

Instead he was released from prison, for only one federal count of bank robbery, on February 17, 2010.  All other charges were dismissed, including the high speed running from police and wrecking the car, robbing multiple places, violating a protective order and violating probation out of NC.

He moved in with my daughters and their mother in April, 2010.  I found out about his record and told the mother.  She got angry at me for "intruding into her life".  I hadn't bothered her too much about other men that she brought around my daughters.  

This guy was different.

In June, 2010, I took the mother to FAMILY COURT to get full custody.  I had shared equal custody of the three girls for almost 5 years prior to that.  Anjelica though, had recently stopped staying with me, against my wishes.

The FAMILY COURT was like a nuclear bomb in my family.  Horrendous.  Destructive.  Apathetic.  I was removed from Anjelica's life.  My concerns were ignored.  I was treated like trash.  

Judge JOSEPH P. MASSEY ignored the "Best Interest" law,  

Guardian ad Litem CHARLES A. JOHNSON blatantly lied about Hadsell's criminal history and went out of his way to degrade me, because I had complained about his inaction.  Watch the video of his report, HERE.

Please click HERE for details about our Family Court experience.

This is Wesley Hadsell's CRIMINAL RECORD

I subpoenaed Wesley Hadsell's Probation Officer, TOMAS RAMIREZ  to testify about Hadsell's history.  He refused to testify, to protect the privacy of Wesley Hadsell.  I found out later that the PROBATION OFFICER knew how truly dangerous and depraved Hadsell was, but wouldn't testify.  If people would have known the even darker extent of Hadsell's history, then maybe different choices would have been made.

And in one more act of injustice from our courts, in early 2012, less than a year after Family Courts had removed me from Anjelica's life, Wesley Hadsell ADOPTED Anjelica Marie, changing her name from
ANJELICA HOFFER to AJ Hadsell.  He had only known her for two years.  She was almost 14 when he met her.  I raised her.  Loved her.  Fought to protect her.  I was not on the birth certificate, so my permission was not needed.  She was my daughter.

The Ten Commandments instruct people to HONOR PARENTS.  And it is called "pure worship" of our Creator, to "LOOK AFTER THE FATHERLESS" (James 1:27).

I believe the bible is a true message from our creator, to be honored.

THE ADOPTION WAS A FRAUD - a Class 6 Felony - described HERE.

I NEVER STOPPED being her dad..
She was 15 when I last heard her call me daddy.


DIVORCE DOCUMENTS - Zachariah Hoffer is Anjelica Hoffer's father - acknowledged before a judge.

These are public documents, available at the courthouse.

OTHER DOCUMENTS - lease agreements, tax returns, social services... She was my daughter.

MEDICAL RECORDS after the 2005 separation.

June 19, 2004

EMAIL FROM MEL (bio dad) to the mom - granting me permission to adopt Anjelica.  The mother knew this was my desire. 

June 2006 custody papers.


The mother crossed out the part about adopting Anjelica.  Why?  MONEY.

Mom had child support order on bio dad.  I didn't know.  She would lose that money and tax returns too, if I adopted Anjelica.

People that use their kids as pawns - SUCK.

May 28-30, 2010

EMAILS WITH THE MOM about taking Anjelica out of state on her honeymoon with Hadsell and about his criminal history and recent release from prison.

"HE IS TEN TIMES THE DAD YOU WILL EVER BE!" - last time I spoke to that woman on the phone.  May 2010.

June 2, 2010

I filed for full custody.  Anjelica had been kept from me for 8 months - violating a court order.

June 7, 2010

EMAIL WITH THE MOM, 5 days after I filed for full custody.

Sept. 21, 2010

Portions of the court-appointed GUARDIAN'S REPORT that state I AM HER DAD.

For the full report, Click Here.

Sept. 29, 2010

Family Court - INTERROGATORY sent to the mom..

Why does Anjelica choose not to see dad?  Mom says "he is angry".  OK..  Who wouldn't be angry?  So fatherhood is over because I supposedly yelled at Anjelica over the phone?  
The entire Interrogatory - Click Here.

Nov. 4, 2010

COURT ORDER by Judge Massey dismissing my petition for custody of Anjelica and I be granted ZERO time with her.  

The current order of 50/50 was still in effect prior to this and the mother had been in violation of that for months.

Calling her my 'step-daughter' is not fair, nor legal.  I was her legally "acknowledged" father.

January 9, 2011

The first page of a LETTER TO JUDGE JOE MASSEY, complaining about the poor job the courts did.  I wasn't educated about the appeal process.  I MIGHT have been more successful in the higher courts.  I never received a response to this letter.