A dream about an abducted girl - 8 months BEFORE!

I had this dream of an abducted and murdered girl, 8 months before Anjelica went missing.  I recorded it, as I often do with my dreams.  The link to listen is below.  I stumbled upon it over a year after Anjelica died.

I wasn't sure if the missing child was one of my girls.  There was drama before she was abducted.  Police and everybody were searching for her.  I was frantic.  I kept coming close to where she was and then the trail went cold.  It was traumatic and long.  I finally figured out this wasn't a kidnapping for ransom, this is a murder.

I kept listening to my instincts and following the clues.  I came across an older skinny sickly woman.  She had a dress on and a t-shirt over it with the word "DUMPED" on it.  I instantly knew that meant the body of the child was dumped somewhere.  As the lady stood there in front of a house looking at me, I ran to her and shook her to try to get her to talk and tell me where the child was.  She wouldn't respond as I yelled at her.  She was very sickly and frail from drug use.  High on heroin.  I finally shook her too hard and she crumpled in my hands and fell down and died.  I was arrested and charged with murder.  

The trial against me was long and hard but I couldn't remember it when I woke up.

The woman represents something sinister, like the demon that attacked my family.  My arrest represents my own feelings of guilt and how the tables were turned against me and all I wanted was what was to find the girl, but somehow it all got twisted into - me being the bad guy.  I shook the demon and it played dead so that I would be blamed and the focus was on sympathy for the demon instead of the child, who was lost.

The events mirrored the ACTUAL events that would occur 8 months later.  Like in the dream, I was unsure if she was my child, because in reality, Anjelica had been taken from me and I was struggling with whether she was still my daughter.  I felt the trauma and the stress in the dream like the actual events.  The dream was traumatic.

I write down or record all substantial dreams.  I had forgotten all about this dream until over a year after Anjelica's life was taken.

What can it mean?  How is it possible that I would have such a specific foreshadow of things to come?  There is a spiritual dimension that we exist in and are intertwined with.  For that to exist, there is also a living and loving creator.  The bible describes these things.  Many people in the bible and since and also today have prophetic dreams.  Time is relative.  Our creator is above and outside time.  He created it.  Sometimes we tap into that realm outside of the limitations of time.

Zachariah Hoffer

Father of 3 precious girls. Trying to love. Despite my brokenness and despite evil in this world.