It's coming.  The day before my birthday, first degree murder charges were filed.  The slow beginning of the end.  It's been such a long road.  Truth is needed, so that everyone can heal, and see things for what they really are.

I went for a drive this weekend.  To the house where he buried Anjelica's body.  It brought back all the memories of searching.  Dark memories.  Ugly.  Especially the day we found out.  I stood there, across from the house watching.  As they took her away, I broke.  Was a tough day.  The last day I saw my dad too.  Oh how life has changed...

Tuesday I went to Southampton to see the court proceedings.  Just appointment of counsel, but I had to be there.  Just in case.  I was on time, but they began early.  Just in time to see his ugly mug looking my way as I opened the door to peak in.  He says he is innocent.  He is always innocent.  Of everything.  He does it, but he's innocent.  Convenient.  For him.  But I see through his lies, and this time, so does everybody else.  You're going down bud.  And your lies with you.

Zachariah Hoffer

Father of 3 precious girls. Trying to love. Despite my brokenness and despite evil in this world.

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