Happy Birthday Anjel

She would be 21 today.  It's been exactly 8 years ago that she started staying at her mother's full time.  That was a turning point.  If only she wasn't tricked into rejecting me and my family.  How would things be today?
I wrote a letter to the newspaper today.  I would like them to publish the back story of Anjelica's passing, not just everything that happens with Wesley Hadsell.  So far the news won't do anything with the backstory.  I think that is very important to bringing mistakes to light so that others can learn.

I wrote a couple things on Facebook today.

Facebook post Aug. 9, 2017 12 noon:

Happy Birthday Anjelica. You should be 21 today. You were tricked into leaving your daddy's home eight years ago today. My heart broke when you did that but it has crushed me and many people since you were savagely taken away March 2, 2015.

Today I am still pushing for justice and truth for you but it is so slow. Is keeps getting delayed and pushed aside by our cold heartless system. Soon people will forget, if they haven't already. I won't forget.

Anjelica, you were tricked into trusting the wrong people. You found out how wrong they were. I am trying to make people more aware of the people in their children's lives because there are so many children that have gone through what you went through and even worse.

I love you Jelly. I miss you every day.

Facebook post Aug. 9, 2017 11p

She's a trip. Kid didn't know how to quit. I couldn't get her to ditch her homework. She threw a softball harder than me. She worked through pain like a logger but complained afterward like the girl she was. She pushed her little sisters to be their best. She had climbing skills of a monkey. Fearless. She was a beautiful dork. Feet weren't ticklish but I think her knees made up for it, or would it be her ribs? The cutest little kid with the most expressive face that told a story. You knew she thought you were ridiculous by the way she tilted her head or put her hands on her hips and looked at ya. She had super power strength but was a total wuss. She was a lot more than her mom's mini me. She was once daddy's girl. She was my helper with the other two and she took care of me if I was down and out. We read countless books together and learned so much and would have learned so much more together. She was the kinda smart that makes me a total dummy and I get pretty good grades and have college degrees and even taught high school science. She was just intuitive. Loved to organize stuff. Which worked cause I hated folding laundry and especially matching socks. Sometimes she couldn't stop talking and sometimes she just watched. Either way she never stopped watching. Always observing and processing. Quick like her mom. And never afraid of trying again after failing. Failing was just one step closer to success for her. Sometimes she was my biggest fan and sometimes she was very leary of me, but that's most people with me. That kid was a trooper for putting up with me. When she was a toddler I thought I was gonna make her the next Serena Williams. As the new guy on the block, I thought my main job was to give her the tools to be the best she could be. I was tough on her. But eventually love took over, and little by little I realized how much more important the love we share is, than our accomplishments. She had both - a big heart and lots of accomplishments already in her short 18 years. She was top of the class from kindergarten to college. But she cherished her little sisters and I know she loved me very much, regardless of whether I deserved it. It's a shame that we lost 5 years that I was really looking forward to spending with her, but nobody can take away the 13 plus years we spent making so many memories. Maybe it's ok she didn't get to be a worn out cynical grown up. I can't imagine her old anyway. She was gonna be forever young anyway. God has this. I don't know how, but he's got to have this...


August 9, 11:35a

Mr. Edwards,

Yet again the system is failing my children...  

Wesley Hadsell has delayed the Rape and Kidnapping trial in Ohio yet again and is now asking for a November trial.  According to documents, it was Virginia police who convinced Ohio prosecutors to try Hadsell for this 2005 crime.  So we first waited for the federal charges to clear, and now we wait for the Ohio charges to clear.  Now that he has a private attorney, it may take years to complete the Ohio trial.  It will undoubtedly take years to complete the trial in Virginia and get to the truth of what happened to Anjelica.

Why should a father trust a system that continues to fail to protect his children when he can't?
Wesley Hadsell got out of prison February 17, 2010.  He met Jennifer Busby-Hadsell April 9, 2010.  Two weeks later, he moved into the home with the three young girls.  On May 12, Wesley and Jennifer were married.  On May 21 Wesley, Jennifer, and Anjelica went to Tennessee for a week to stay with his family, under protest from me - the father.


A PROBATION DEPARTMENT (Tomas Ramirez) never took a minute to inform me of Wesley Hadsell's presence and record.  They refused to testify (after being subpoenaed) in the custody dispute as to Wesley Hadsell's history.

An incompetent and apathetic FAMILY COURT dismissed and disrespected my concerns for my children's well-being in 2010.

The step-parent ADOPTION COURT allowed a man who has been deemed a career armed criminal and has spent more time as a teen and adult IN prison then OUT OF prison and who could not even be a father to his own son - to adopt a 15 year old girl that he met two years prior.  The court required only ONE thing - the signature of a man that Anjelica had met ONCE.  Her name was Anjelica Hoffer until she was 16 years old, yet the courts took no time to examine the family dynamics in order to do what is best for the child.

The PRESS refuses to cover the 'back story' of Anjelica Marie Hoffer (aka AJ Hadsell), so that society can learn from this tragedy that is turning into a distant memory.
As of now, I have not seen my 14 year old and 16 year old daughters in 10 months.  I am supposed to have them every Thursday and every other weekend. They live 3 miles away and do not respond to my texts, phone calls, letters, or visits.  

My children were straight A students and attended nearly every day of school, but now they are doing very poor in school and still hanging around unsavory people.

The system that is meant to protect children actually fights against me for trying to protect them and be in their lives.  Even the school principal took sides with the mother and bullied me away from being at the school for my youngest daughter. 

The children have not seen a counselor (except for a few visits as a direct request of the court).  They are free to do as they please and be around whom they please.  Their father has been pushed out of their lives, despite the clear consequences.
In April 2015, just prior to the third custody dispute, I brought charges against their mother for providing alcohol to teens and contributing to the delinquency of a minor - with my 13 & 15 year olds present.  Despite clear video tape evidence and two witnesses, those charges were dismissed - by Judge Lyn Simmons, the same judge who handled our custody case.  

During the custody case, I explained that Mrs. Hadsell allowed two 18-year old men (Collin Saunders and Andres Barr) to live with her and my children in their small home from March 2015 until July 2015.  The judge did not respond.

Drew Hadsell, Wesley's brother/nephew and best friend, lived with Jennifer and the girls from July until October 2015.  He had an active Child Abuse warrant at the time.  The Guardian ad Litem DID respond to my concern about Drew and advised the court to enforce ZERO contact with him.  Judge Lyn Simmons did NOTHING.

The Guardian ad Litem (Ashton Pully) was ridiculously biased and reported lies as fact.  He is not educated in family matters and had his license revoked for 8 years as a result of fraud convictions.  
Similar kind of GAL  (Charles Johnson) at 2010 custody dispute where Anjelica was given FULL TIME to Mr. and Mrs. Hadsell, while giving me, ZERO visitation.  This after 5 years of equal custody as a single father and over 7 years married to her mother as the father. 

The result of the 2015-16 custody case was, similar to the 2010-11 case, in that the children were given what they desired, less time with restrictive dad and more time with the 'looser' mother. Lies and false accusations held more weight than truth and what's best for the children.

I have discovered that these Family Courts are wreaking havoc in many family's lives here in Norfolk and beyond.  Despite concerned family pleading with the courts, children are being abused and murdered by the mothers' romantic partners at an alarming rate.  For every child
murdered, probably 500 are being abused.

I have written letters to the governor and other representatives asking for their action.  There are simple and inexpensive and non-controversial steps that can and must be taken.
I have posted some of my efforts, including a gallery of children murdered by the romantic partners of the mothers and a letter to the governor on the website, www.AnjelicaMarie.com

Today is Anjelica's birthday.  She should have been 21.  I believe she was manipulated and deceived and groomed into imminent trouble, which resulted in her death.  I believe things could have been done that could have saved her.  I believe having a true father in her life would have made a difference.

Mr. Edwards - judging by your lack of response to my speaking with you, you are part of a large part of this country who believes fathers are relatively unimportant and even disposable.  I, and many others, believe otherwise.

Maybe you feel, as my children's mother does, and many people do, that I should 'butt out' and 'mind my own business' and that Anjelica was only a 'step child', so no concern of mine.  I have spent the last several days sifting through pictures and videos, too numerous to count, in an effort to create a jump drive of memories for my girls.  Regardless of what anyone thinks or even if Anjelica herself was convinced otherwise, I am Anjelica's father.  I am the ONLY one who fought to protect her over and over again.  I raised her and loved her.  Anjelica was never considered anything less than my daughter.  I have extensive proof of that in legal documents, pictures, school documents, etc.  "Anjelica Hoffer" is in parenthesis on her Facebook page.  She grew up as my daughter and as Anjelica Hoffer.  Can that just be erased??

Fathers are important.  In fact they are equally as important as mothers.  Why has the system made it so difficult for fathers to protect their children and be in their lives?

Fatherless homes create catastrophe.

- 24.7 million children are living without real fathers in the home.
- 39% of students 1-12 live in fatherless homes.
- 71% of high school drop outs come from fatherless homes.
- 71% of pregnant teenagers have no father in the home.
- 85% of children with behavior disorders come from fatherless homes.
- 90% of all homeless and runaway children - fatherless.
- 63% of youth suicides..
- 85% of incarcerated youth....

"Learn to do good, seek justice, correct the oppressor and defend the rights of the FATHERLESS CHILD." - Isaiah 1:17

"The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after the FATHERLESS CHILD and widows in their tribulation, and to keep oneself without spot from the world."  - James 1:27

"If I have raised my hand against the FATHERLESS, knowing that I had influence in court, then let my arm fall from the shoulder, let it be broken off at the joint."  - Job 31:21

Zachariah Hoffer

Father of 3 precious girls. Trying to love. Despite my brokenness and despite evil in this world.

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