Waiting for justice... #justice4anjelica

Frustrating, cause I guess I am the only one who cares about REAL justice for Anjelica.  Ya, her mom and her sisters and her friends and family want whoever they think the killer is, put in jail, but what about all that done against her before that??  She was led to believe he was an ok guy.  He wasn't.  What could I do?  I tried.  Courts rejected me.  He was even allowed to adopt her with that criminal record that was so bad he was labeled a CAREER ARMED CRIMINAL.  Yet he's good enough to take full custody and adopt MY daughter, changing her name, her entire identity.  And I'm supposed to sit back and just say ok?  I got NOBODY in my life lifting a finger to do ONE DAM THING to set things right.  Judge Joseph P. Massey and Guardian ad Litem Charles Johnson and Federal Probation Officer Tomas Ramirez are all government officials that sat on their hands and erred on the side of Wesley Hadsell, while this child needed a father - the father that raised and loved her.  Now even the crime stories circulating call this rat her father.  My own flesh and blood daughters have turned against me.  They should be helping me.  True justice and truth matter more than loyalty to their friends, who have long since walked away.  They ones they chose over me.  With a lot of help from their mother's wicked lying tongue.  So am I the bad guy NOW, cause I am angry and hurt and publicly state their mom has a wicked lying tongue?  Of course I am.  Everything is and always has been my fault.  I didn't talk negative about their mother before all of this.  Yet they were VERY aware that I was a household curseword at their mom's house.  The hatred was evident and spilling out at the seams from that home.  Why?  Because I took her to court when her boyfriend from prison moved in with my daughters.  I was made to look like the bad guy then too.  Finally my girls just believe it.  But I kept my cool during that time.  I didn't spout off about how horrible their mother was or even how horrible Wes was.  I didn't tell them all about his criminal record in an effor to undermine them.  No.  After the court hearings were over and stupid Judge Massey changed my custody of Anjelica from 50% to ZERO time, I just sucked it up and I even asked rat face Hadsell if he wanted to do some landscaping work for me.  I did work at their house for cheap.  I built their fence.  I wanted to be close to them and see  how my precious daughter was doing that I didn't see no more and who didn't talk to me.  But you might ask - REALLY Mr. Hoffer, why did the esteemed Judge Massey take away your time with your daughter??  Surely you are a pile of garbage that doesn't deserve to be a dad...  Ok, well, I maintained 50/50 custody of my other two daughters.  The courts granted me 50/50 of all three of the girls 5 years earlier.  So it wasn't a legal issue and it wasn't an issue of me being a bad father.  It was ONLY based off of Anjelica's choice.  And she made that choice under duress, emotionally manipulated by a high anxiety woman who has no clue how to protect my daughters from this world.  That is MY job, and that has been taken from me, from a foolish woman, whom the courts have supported throughout.  Foolish woman.  Foolish courts.  Foolish world.  I choose God.  Jehovah God.  I choose truth.  This world is engulfed in lies.  It can't tell lies from truth.  There is only ONE KING that I serve.  ONE KINGDOM that I am part of.  This world is unjust and justice will only be complete by God.  I could never do any better than Him.  But I am a servant, and as Job said, 'better that my arm be torn off at the joint, than I fail to represent the fatherless child in the courts'.  Anjelica died as a fatherless child.  That precious gift was torn from her.  As it was from me and countless other children.  SO OFTEN by a woman and the courts that back her up.  FACT.  End of story.  #justice4anjelica

Zachariah Hoffer

Father of 3 precious girls. Trying to love. Despite my brokenness and despite evil in this world.

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