Anjelica Marie Hoffer

Have I told you about this kid?
First child I ever had.
Some say since she wasn't my blood, I wasn't her dad.
So who was?
Biology wasn't nowhere around
He left town.
In fact he left the country.
It was my pleasure to raise this baby girl up into a young lady.

Why was everything so hard when it came to their mom?
I'm good enough to raise her 50/50 as a single father for 5 years, but I'm not good enough to be her official dad??  And somehow the slug that you pulled from prison is?

It was one thing to let that man into my children's lives, but it was a whole other thing to give Anjelica to him and then let him adopt her just 2 years after meeting her.

I tried to protect my girls.

This was wrong.  I was Anjelica's dad.  I was the one who raised her, making all the decisions about her life, being there every step of the way, giving her my name, supporting her in every way that I could.  I dedicated my life to my children...

I still can't figure it out.

The adoption was a crime.  Literally.  It was fraudulent, both by all sense of moral decency and by the letter of the law.  Virginia Code Annotated 63.2.1217 - a Class 6 Felony.

This injustice will be set right.  One way or the other.

Zachariah Hoffer

Father of 3 precious girls. Trying to love. Despite my brokenness and despite evil in this world.