"This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now CHOOSE LIFE SO THAT YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN MAY LIVE! "  - Deuteronomy 30:19


A broken Family Court system -
gave her to a sexually violent
career criminal.

A careless Criminal Court system -
failed to try a man for heinous crimes, and then let him live with a single mother & three daughters - just out of prison.

A beautiful soul, taken too early...

Delaware Country, OH - 2005

Grand jury indicts Wesley Hadsell for rape, assault, & kidnapping but fails to bring him to trial.
Hadsell had violated probation and a protective order.  No charges.
He is alleged to have robbed multiple banks & stores but only charged & convicted for one bank robbery.

  He is alleged to held a woman hostage for two weeks, raping her multiple times, under threat to her life and her family's lives.  No charges.

He ran from police and wrecked a vehicle with his victim.  No charges.

He served 4 1/2 years in federal prison.

Norfolk, VA - 2009

Aug 9 - Anjelica pursuaded by mother to stay with her, after almost 5 years of 50/50 parenting time between mother and father.  Father upset.  Mother showing controlling behavior.  Mother had several failed relationships in 2008-2009, including an engagement which was called off in 2009.  Multiple men were living in the home with the girls. 

Norfolk, VA.  - 2010

Feb. 17 - Mr. Hadsell released from prison.

Apr. 9 - He meets Jennifer Busby, mother of 3 girls, aged 7, 9, & 13.

April 20 - He moves in with Jennifer Busby & her 3 daughters.
Federal Probation Officer Tomas Ramirez, had full detailed knowledge of Hadsell's severe criminal history, gang affiliation, prison violations, much of which wasn't known to the father yet.  
Mr. Ramirez DID NOT contact the father about the presence of Mr. Hadsell, but DID inform the mother.

May 12 - Wesley Hadsell & Jennifer Busby get married.

May 20 - Mr. & Mrs. Hadsell take Anjelica with them on a honeymoon to the mountains to visit Mr. Hadsell's family for a week.  Anjelica's father protests.

June 2 - Father files for full custody of 3 girls after learning of Hadsell's history.

Sept. - Anjelica refers to Wes Hadsell as 'dad' on Facebook profile.  Obvious manipulation and alienation is happening with Anjelica.

Sept. 21 - Court-appointed 'guardian' Charles A. Johnson, who investigates for the best interest of the children, writes a horribly incompetent report which paints Mr. Hadsell as a great guy, blaming his victims, minimizing his crimes, and going out of his way to degrade the father, calling him "antagonistic", among other things [see report].

Nov.  1 - Hadsell's Probation Officer Tomas Ramirez refuses to testify in custody court, about Mr. Hadsell's history.

Nov. 4 - Family Court judge Joseph P. Massey, orders that the previously court-ordered 50/50 custody of Anjelica, be changed to ZERO for father.  The other two girls remain at 50/50.
The only reason given was desire of the 13 year-old child.
EVERY aspect of the Best Interest Law was ignored.
Nov. 19, 2011 - Father writes complaint about 'guardian' Charles Johnson, to Chief Judge Massey.  
Mr. Johnson continued as a GAL until 2015.

Norfolk, VA - early 2012
Wesley Hadsell adopts Anjelica Marie.  No background check is conducted.
Anjelica's only actual father was never notified.  Father was erased from Anjelica's life.

March  2, 2015 - Norfolk, VA
Anjelica Marie goes missing.

39 days later...

April 9, 2015 - Isle of Wight, VA
Anjelica Marie found murdered.


Anjelica Marie.

Born in Chesapeake, VA on August 9, 1996.

She was sometimes called Anjel, sometimes Jelly, and Gramma Sandy called her Pumkin Doodle.

Anjel was truly of divine origins, having some wisdom and ability to see through your soul, even as a baby, with those big, unflinching eyes, one brown, one tinged with green.  She was comfortable as the center of attention, and being the only child, got her wish 99% of the time.  She could be classified as a diva, but without the drama, and instead with an often comedic diligence in doing toddler performance.  In other words, she was as cute as a bug.   She was always so focused on her work as a toddler.  She inherited her mother's 'machine-line' work ability, and cat-like reflexes.  Those traits are indeed other-worldly, perhaps deriving from a planet like Krypton.  I would not be surprised to find out, at the proverbial pearly gates , that I in fact entertained angels or other spirit creatures in taking in Anjelica and her mother.  As much as I know  that I have failed so many of the tests put before me, as a father and a husband, I surely hope the good heavily outweighs the bad.

I loved watching you learn Anjelica.  You were so smart.  Maybe you really were an angel.  You were always the smartest one in your class, but still so humble.  You weren't so great at sports at first, I mean you were smaller than most, but you had that determination, and that quickly led to excellence.  What a great example you would continue to be to your sisters and your friends and who knows who else - if you were still here.  But your breath was taken out of your body.  I'm sorry I didn't make it more clear how much I loved you.  I will not let the world forget you.  Our God, that you knew so well, is just, and you will see your justice, of that I am sure.

Please continue to check back, as there will be more and more.......

To Judge Joseph P. Massey,

You sentenced a beautiful daughter, and awesome big sister to years of abuse and finally, murder.

Her name is Anjelica Marie Hoffer.  REMEMBER THAT.

In June 2010, after discovering the criminal past of the boyfriend of my children’s mother, I filed for full custody of my 3 daughters - aged 7, 9, & 13...

On February 17, 2010, 31 year old Wesley Hadsell got out of Victorville Federal Penitentiary.  He had spent about 10 years as an adult behind bars, in and out of prison.  He had just been released for bank robbery, which he committed while on the run from the police after violently raping and kidnapping his wife who he had been holding captive for 2 weeks.  According to 2005 court documents surrounding the grand jury indictment, Mr. Hadsell got angry at his wife and beat her, strangled her, and raped her.  There was a nationwide manhunt for Mr. Hadsell and his victim, with a $50,000 reward, labeling  him ‘armed and very dangerous’.  He was finally caught in Illinois, in a high-speed pursuit by multiple law enforcement agencies, after wrecking the vehicle, and hiding in a field all night.  This was public knowledge and I made this known to you during my custody dispute in 2010.

I also told you about his other crimes - Felony Restraint, Burglary, Forgery, Larceny and dozens of violations in prison.  He had a son and he made very little effort in being a father to him or providing for him.  But despite all this, you felt he was the better dad than the one Anjelica knew since she was a baby.  The one who taught her everything that she knew and who knew everything about her.  The one who loved her and would do everything for her.

On April 9, 2010, Mr. Hadsell met my children’s mother

About April 20, 2010 Mr. Hadsell began living with my children’s mother, and my three daughters.  I had equal shared parenting time for over 6 years, as previously ordered by Norfolk JDR, when you made your ruling to remove me from my oldest daughter’s life.  I was a good dad, despite Anjelica being alienated away from me for several months before the trial started.  There were many signs that something wasn’t right.  You paid no attention.  I hadn’t heard of Parental Alienation at that time, but since you were a family court judge, I now know you were familiar with the dynamic.  The signs were clear.  All you had to do was follow the Best Interest statute provided to you.  But you took the law into your own hands.

On May 12, 2010, my children’s mother and Wesley Hadsell got married.

On May 20, 2010, Mr. and Mrs. Hadsell and Anjelica went for several days on a honeymoon, to the mountains of Tennessee to visit his family.  I asked the mother not to do that.  I told her it was too soon for Anjelica and I was worried sick about Anjelica, being estranged from her father, and blooming into a beautiful young lady with a strange, and overly charming man, right out of prison, having full liberty with my child.  You knew all of this..

All of this was made known to you and the ‘guardian’ you appointed, during court, along with Mr. Hadsell’s extensive criminal record which also included Felony Restraint, Burglary, Larceny, Fraud, and dozens of serious prison violations.  

I was scrutinized by your appointed ‘guardian’, Mr. Charles A. Johnson.  I will admit I was anxious and stressed - worried about the safety of my girls.  I’m not sure who wouldn’t be.  But I kept my cool, trying not to make things worse.  I did not seek out Mr. Hadsell to confront him or start any unnecessary drama.  I wanted peace - for myself and for my children.  But you and your ‘guardian’ chose the wrong side, in the face of clear evidence.

Mr. Johnson didn’t contact any of the victims of Mr. Hadsell, or family members, or friends, or the probation officer, or do an in-depth background check, which I had done.  In his report, Mr. Johnson downplayed Mr. Hadsell’s criminal record and lied about very important facts.  He reported that Mr. Hadsell’s “girlfriends seem to get into hard situations” and even reported that Mr. Hadsell’s wife was charged with the bank robbery in 2005, as well as Mr. Hadsell.  This is a complete fabrication, gathered only from a conversation with Mr. Hadsell himself..  I complained to you about Johnson’s lack of action and incompetence, both during the trial and after.  You did NOTHING.  Mr. Johnson continued as a GAL for 5 more years.  

Had you have required that Mr. Johnson do his job, and spoken to the probation officer, we would have learned that Mr. Hadsell had several assaults in prison, including attempted murder by stabbing a man multiple times in the face.  Mr. Johnson would have known about Mr. Hadsell’s gang affiliations, drug abuse history, and being on lock down for the last two years of his prison stay.  I subpoenaed the federal probation officer, Tomas Ramirez.  That was squashed, but Mr. Johnson should have called or visited the probation officer, as I had done.

Mr. Johnson ridiculed me excessively in his report, carrying on for an entire paragraph in his report, about a job that I was fired from 7 years prior, without asking me about it.  No crime was committed.  It was not worth reporting.  My record is clean except for non-criminal traffic violations and a misdemeanor from age 20.    He referred to me, the protective and concerned father, as “antagonistic” and “self-righteous”.  He ridiculed my reaction when Mr. and Mrs. Hadsell both approached me and grabbed my 7 year old daughter while I hugged her good-bye.  Persistent ridicule was pressed upon me, though NOTHING was presented which as concern for the well-being of the children. Why couldn’t you at least admonish Mr. Johnson’s bias?  Why would you continue to use this GAL?  As a judge, you should have seen the precarious situation my girls were in.

There were many other real concerns that I raised in the court which were ignored.  For instance, Mr. Hadsell’s 18 year old nephew moved into the home just a couple months after Mr. Hadsell did.  Alienators tend to make the child their ‘best buddy’ and convince them that the other parent is bad.  Anjelica was getting the ‘golden child’ treatment and allowed to do whatever she wanted.  She was told that I didn’t want her.  The mother was not communicating with me about Anjelica.  Anjelica had stopped talking to me, my family, my friends, and even friends of hers that she usually only saw when with me.  The things the mother was doing was detrimental to the BEST INTEREST of the children, yet nothing I was doing went against their best interest, as defined by law.  

You ordered 50/50 parenting time remain the same with my younger two girls, but you changed my 50/50 with Anjelica to ZERO.  You didn’t opt for weekends or every other weekend.  You went above and beyond and went straight for ZERO.  In the face of reason.  In the face of decency.  In the face of the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN.

In 2012, just over a year after the custody trial, Mr. Hadsell adopted Anjelica, without my knowing, because I was erased.  I was in fact the only father Anjelica had known, as acknowledged by you and your guardian, all of our family and friends, and the schools and doctors, etc.  Her name was Anjelica Hoffer until she was unjustly adopted by Hadsell just before her 16th birthday.  Needless to say, the adoption put an even further divide between Anjelica and I.

In March of 2015, she died fatherless.  The father figure that you endorsed, with your ignorance of what a child needs, had turned against her and took her life - because he was not a father.  He did not love Anjelica as a father - as I did.  

In 2016, Mr. Hadsell was deemed a Career Armed Criminal, by a federal court judge, having the same record he had when he was in your court room, except for the 2016 federal conviction for Possession of Ammunition.  You can review the 60-page sentencing report to see how THAT judge recognized the danger this man posed and sentenced him 20 years in prison.  The prosecutor only asked for 15.
Mr. Hadsell is now finally being tried for the 2005 rape, assault, and kidnapping, which he had been indicted by a grand jury for, in 2005.  If your appointed ‘guardian’ can use here say to report a job that the REAL father was fired from 7 years prior, then surely he could consider a grand jury indictment for something as serious as rape, assault, & kidnapping, to err on the side of safety for the children??  But regardless of the GAL report, YOU were told about the strangulation, beating, raping, and kidnapping, because I had spoken with the victim and read the court documents.  You did NOTHING.

After Ohio, Virginia will prosecute him for what he did to Anjelica.  The truth of Anjelica’s story will be made known to all.  

I understand that you were only a construction law attorney when your good friend nominated you to be a judge and that there was no requirement to have any significant education in things like Child Abuse, Psychology, Family Dynamics, Childhood Development, Social Work, Parental Alienation, etc, but have you at least read Virginia statute “§ 20-124.3. Best interests of the child; visitation.” - at any time during your career?  I hope not, because then you would be held culpable for your lawless decisions.  That might have been an excuse for violating EVERY item in the Best Interest statute... 
  1. MENTAL CONDITION OF THE CHILD. - Anjelica was referring to this man as ‘dad’ on social media within months of meeting him.  She had stopped responding to me or talking to my family and friends.  She was clearly being ‘brain washed’.
  1. MENTAL CONDITION OF THE PARENTS. - Anjelica’s mother was alienated from her mother at age 12, who died just two months before Anjelica was alienated from me.  This childhood trauma created a mental condition.
  1. PARENT'S ABILITY TO MEET CHILD'S NEEDS. - I had been an active father for over 13 years and had already been granted 50/50 custody by courts, 5 years prior.
  1. CHILD'S TIME W/ SIBLINGS, EXTENDED FAMILY & PEERS. - Anjelica permanently lost half of her time with her sister whom she grew up with and was very close to.  Anjelica also lost complete contact with friends and family on my side.
  1. FUTURE ROLE OF THE PARENT. - By terminating my parenting time, you aided and abetted in erasing me and leaving Anjelica without a father.
  1. PARENT SUPPORTING CHILD'S CONTACT WITH OTHER PARENT. - The mother had CLEARLY alienated Anjelica not only from me, but from her biological father when she was a baby.  I was always willing to share parenting duties with their mother, and would have even welcomed the biological father, had I known he wanted to see Anjelica.
  1. PARENT'S DESIRE TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP W/CHILD & RESOLVE DISPUTES. - By virtue of filing custody, not to mention repeatedly reaching out to Anjelica, my desire to have a relationship was clear.  I attempted to resolve disputes, but their mother absolutely antagonized the situation to make it worse.
  1. REASONABLE PREFERENCE OF THE CHILD. - This is the only factor you considered and yet Anjelica’s preference WAS NOT reasonable.
  1. HISTORY OF FAMILY ABUSE. - Mr. Hadsell had been convicted of at least 3 crimes in and out of prison, that qualify as “Family Abuse”, and a grand jury found a true bill for rape, two counts of felony assault, and kidnapping.  

Judicial Canon 2 - “A judge SHALL respect and comply with the law.  No impropriety.” 
The Best Interest statute is LAW Mr. Massey.  

Judicial Canon 3B(5) - “A judge SHALL perform judicial duties without bias or prejudice.”. Why else did you ignore the law to change my custody from 50/50 to ZERO of Anjelica, while maintaining 50/50 with my other two girls?  Bias against a father and for a criminal.

Judicial Canon 3B(8) - “Dispose court business promptly.” 
You delayed the safety of my daughters by not showing up to court at the first hearing and then finally hearing the substance of my concerns 4 months after my filing.  How about when you crammed us into the end of your busy day, only to cut us off so you could go home to YOUR kids, and then pick up two months later?  By that time all of my concerns seemed like faded memories to you.

Judicial Canon 3D(2) - “Take appropriate action when lawyer (GAL) violates
 “Professional Code..”.
You failed to respond in ANY WAY to an incompetent, unprofessional guardian ad litem, despite his LIES and bias and incompetence.  The ‘guardian’ was in err so many times, that it’s hard to imagine it wasn’t purposeful.  Mr. Johnson made no request to the court for a Psych. Eval., or parenting classes for the new man just out of prison, or an emergency removal based on two very questionable men that the mother hardly knew, living in a small house with my three daughters.  Mr. Johnson downplayed Wesley Hadsell’s criminal history significantly.  In his report he gloated about how great Hadsell was doing, stating “he had self-control”, “a lively awareness of the consequences”, was “confident he will behave appropriately”, called his crimes “youthful indiscretions”, “desires to make good of his marriage”, and “willing to get on the straight and narrow”.  Does that sound like a quality investigation, especially considering the facts that were immediately available, not to mention all that I told him?  

Judge’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 II-A. pg 392 - “Court SHALL assure frequent and continuing contact with BOTH both parents, when appropriate, and encourage parents to share in the responsibilities of rearing their children. Va. Code § 20-124.2.” 
Did you do that when you violated the law by taking away ALL of my time with my 13 year old daughter?  You said, “by virtue of her age”, and you eliminated her father, with the swipe of your mighty pen.  How much weight should “her age” play into it, if even her own mother was clearly duped by a con man right out of prison, to the point of blatantly putting our daughters in harm’s way?  What about Jennifer’s own alienation from HER mother and the obvious signs of alienation with Anjelica - complete rejection of a normal range and loving parent?  Your job was to provide a VERY IMPORTANT service to families that relied on your expertise.  What, if any, devotion did you have, to the study of human psychology, child abuse, and other family dynamics?

Judge’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 V. pg 396 - “Available Tools”, gives you SEVEN tools to use to remedy the custodial disputes.  You chose an inept guardian, with 7 hours of training and no children of his own, a clear bumbling idiot, and to send us to “Family Counseling”.  How does family counseling address the safety of my children?  Why did you ignore the signs of a sociopath preying on my children?

Judge’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 VI-A(1) pg 399 - “Investigative Reports”, REQUIRES you have due diligence in getting the factual information in such a case as this one.  

Judges’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 VI-B(10) pg 401 - “an older child’s preference should “be given weight… but is not conclusive.”  Hall v. Hall, 210 Va. 668 (1970); Va. Code § 20-124.3. 
Why did you IGNORE EVERY ASPECT OF THE BEST INTEREST STATUTE, EXCEPT THE CHILD’S PREFERENCE?  This clearly states that the child’s weight is NOT ENOUGH by itself.  What else then were you basing your decision to ignore the remaining items of the Best Interest Statute, such as “mental condition of the parent”, “mental condition of the child”, “relationship between parent and child”, “relationship of child to siblings and extended family”, “parent’s willingness to support the child’s contact with the other parent and unreasonable denial”, “parent’s willingness to resolve disputes”, and MOST GLARING - “THE HISTORY OF FAMILY ABUSE”????

Judge’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 VI-C(3) pg 402 - “Would ‘actual harm’ occur if visitation were to cease?” - Surles v. Mayer, 48 Va. App. 146 (2006).  O’Rourke v. Vutoro, 49 Va. App. 139 (2006).  What do you think now?  Would ‘actual harm’ occur as a result of letting a sexually violent career criminal, just out of maximum security prison, and his 18 year-old nephew, both of whom the mother had just met, live with 3 young girls, including one who was turning into a beautiful young lady and was estranged from her father?

Judge’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 VI-D. pg 403 - “Court MUST assure frequent and continuing contact with BOTH parents, unless the best interest of the child dictates otherwise”. 
Did the best interest of MY child dictate otherwise to you?


"Woe to those who make unjust laws, and deny justice and rights to the poor and the FATHERLESS and the widow... disaster comes." - Isaiah 10:1-3

"Cursed is anyone withholding justice from the FATHERLESS or the foreigner or the widow." - Deuteronomy 27:19

"I, Jehovah, will strike my hands together at those who mistreat the foreigner, the FATHERLESS, and the widow." - Ezekiel 22:7-13

"I Jehovah, will put those on trial, who oppress and deprive justice to the widows, the FATHERLESS, and foreigners." - Malachi 3:5
"Defend the weak, the FATHERLESS... and oppressed." - Psalms 82:3

“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” - Matthew 18:6

"Pure religion is to look after the FATHERLESS and the widow in their affliction, and separate from the world." - James 1:27

"If you deal justly and do not oppress the foreigner, the FATHERLESS, or the widow, then I, Jehovah, will let you live in the land I gave your ancestors - forever." - Jeremiah 7:5-7

"Jehovah watches over and sustains the foreigner, the FATHERLESS, and the widow." - Psalms 146:9

"Seek justice; Defend the oppressed; Defend the FATHERLESS." - Isaiah 1:17