Learn to do good, seek justice. Correct the oppressor. Defend the rights of the FATHERLESS child. - Isaiah 1:17


The push is for me to lie down in disgrace and weakness in utter despair in the loss of a most precious child...

I have wept and do still.  I have lied down helpless and hopeless, not able to breathe, knowing that she, who I was made to protect, has no more breath in her.  Her breath was taken under a cloud of lies and betrayal and selfishness.  But I have no right to be weak, while I am seeking justice for my daughter, for ALL THREE of my daughters.

My heart is her heart.  My voice is her voice.  Of course I am still here getting in the way, but the driving force is that spirit that I know Anjelica to have.  Her heart accomplished more in her short life than I ever will in my long years of toil, but I will work to do what her heart would have me do.

Because of the injustice done to Anjelica, Delegate Christopher Stolle and his compassionate assistant, Cindy DiFranco have written a bill titled "ADOPTION BY STEPPARENT.  BACKGROUND CHECK."  This requires a national background check for potential step-parents adopting children, which gives the judge something to decided whether to order further investigation.  I might have hoped for a MANDATORY home study to gain perspective of the real dynamics of the family, if only for the record, whether or not it would impede adoption.  I am still very proud to know Anjelica's passing has inspired some change.  As of today, the bill, HB 227, has passed the Health, Welfare, and Institutions subcommittee 10-0 (1.16.18), and the House passed it 21-0 today!  One step toward justice.  And only possible because of Anjelica's courageous and contagious heart.

Another step for me personally, and hopefully to help someone, somewhere is that I have submitted my paperwork to be a counselor at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.  I am not cut out for this work, because of my insecurities, but underneath I have a yearning heart to help these people during this confusing and traumatic time of their lives.  Anjelica would push through, without recognition of insecurity, though many she may have.

The time is drawing near for the criminal justice system to do its part in fulfilling justice4anjelica.  I can almost taste the freedom from the anger of how she has been hurt, and how her sisters have thus been hurt, and I can testify that I also have been hurt.  On the other side, will be peace in knowing that I loved Anjelica with all of my heart and so badly wished the very best for her, and tried so hard to protect her, yet though I failed.  I will still have some peace in the memories, but never true peace knowing that I am still living and she rests without the joy of being a sister, and whatever else this world had in store for her.  I pray her place is better than the strife of the living and long to see her once again...

Zachariah Hoffer

Father of 3 precious girls. Trying to love. Despite my brokenness and despite evil in this world.

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