This page is dedicated to the children murdered by their MOTHER'S LOVER...

I watched the news for almost a year during 2017.  This is what I found.  There are many more.  Forgotten by too many...

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90% in Virginia.  



In most of these cases, CPS had done investigations
In MOST of these cases, the boyfriend/husband had a RED FLAG criminal and/or mental history

About 1700 children  are murdered  in the US each year.    


"Preschoolers living with one natural and one stepparent were 40 TIMES MORE LIKELY to become CHILD ABUSE cases..."

"Children residing in households with unrelated adults were nearly 50 TIMES AS LIKELY TO DIE OF INFLICTED INJURIES than children residing with 2 biological parents"
Child Homicide PERPETRATOR Statistics - Admin.of Child. & Families  (2014).
Father - 15%
Mother - 28%
Mother and Non-Parent - 11%
Mother and Father - 22% (often actually step-father)
Mother's Male Partner - 3% (under reported - see methodology report below)
Non-Parent (other than Mother's Male Partner) - 13%

In Virginia, 38% of 'children killed by caregivers' in 2014 were by the live-in partner of the mother.


Science Direct. "Methodological Challenges in Measuring Child Maltreatment". (2010).


ALEXIS STUBBS - 12 years old.  June 2017.  Chicago, IL.  Man just released from prison for strangling LEXI's mom was living with them again and got mad and beat ALEXIS to death with a hammer while she cried, "Please Daddy don't".  DADDY???  She met this man when she was 8 and then he did 3 years in prison and was out less than a month.  How is he daddy?  Real daddy had died but his family was trying to get ALEXIS out of that home, since the other two kids (different dads) had already been taken.
Natalise "Kayla" Gunter .. 7.18.17
4 years old
Camden, NJ - Mother (Lucy Gunter - 20) charged with "Endangering the Welfare of a Child".  She says boyfriend (Najugan Ross) beat Kayla for not eating.  She also has a 1 and 2 year old and has been released from jail pending trial.  Family says that the mother shut everyone out and wouldn't ask for help.
YESSENIA CAMP  -  7.15.17  - 3 years old.  Pahrump, NV  - MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND beat her during an alcoholic black out.   Mother left YESSENIA alone with boyfriend for what appears  be, all day.  The mother told the press, "He has a serious drinking problem", and "he's explosive when he's angry. ".  The mother said the boyfriend could have possibly been on meth.   The mother was giving CPR to YESSENIA when police arrived.  The mother has not been charged.  The boyfriend is charged with Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and Open Murder.  The news has made no mention of the biological or other father.
CHRISTIAN PEARSON  -  10 years old  -  June 11th, 2017  -  Chino Valley, AZ.  MOTHER and HER BOYFRIEND bound and tortured CHRISTIAN to death.  He died days after being taken to the hospital with serious burns and bruises.   The real father lived 20 minutes away and was granted summers and holiday visitation.   The father told news that CHRISTIAN was a good straight A student and athlete.  Mother and boyfriend are charged with Abuse, Neglect, Assault, and Murder.  The couple had an 18-month old daughter as well, who is now placed with a foster care home through Child Services.
OLIVIA and MICAH GEE - 2 & 3 years old.  July 2017.  Bronx, NY.  Gang banger boyfriend beat them to death.  Mom also suspected.  Real dad was pushed out by courts.
XAVIER SATCHEL.  Jul 2017. 3 y/o.  Orlando, FL.  Mother and girlfriend charged.  Mother took XAVIER to Florida.  Father, who still lived in Washington state, was saving up to fight for custody.  Kidnapping?
Avery Hose .. 6.28.17
3 years old
XAVIER SATCHEL.  Jul 2017. 3 y/o.  Orlando, FL.  Mother and girlfriend charged.  Mother took XAVIER to Florida.  Father, who still lived in Washington state, was saving up to fight for custody.  Kidnapping?
TYRELL WOOTEN. Jun 2017.  3 y/o.  St.Paul, MN.  Live-in boyfriend of 4 months with prior CPS investigations was watching TYRELL and his 7 y/o brother.
CHEVY CATALANO  -  2 years old  -  North Fort Meyers, FL  -  6.29.17.  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND beat CHEVY to death while she was AT WORK.   The mother had previous involvement with Child Protective Services.
RASHEED WASHINGTON Jr. - Died June 24th, 2017 - 2 years old - Houston, TX  -  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND and MOTHER charged in connection the child's death.  They say he fell off the bunk bed.  RASHEED had abrasions on both ears, bruising on the face, swollen left eye, bruising on the back, chest, and legs, and hemorrhaging of the kidneys and back of brain.
A'DAN BLACKMON.  Jun 2017.  1 y/o.  Charlotte, NC.  Boyfriend with previous unfounded CPS investigations.  CPS (DSS) did interview extended family and caretakers but found no concern.  A few weeks later, the child died from child abuse.
4 years old
GIOVANNI MEJIAS. Jun 2017. 4 y/o.  Grand Rapids, MI.  The boyfriend with very extensive criminal record including drugs, theft, and child abuse and tattoos up to his neck.  Neighbors describe him as a "great guy".  A man who raised GIOVANNI for a year and a half and father to two of GIOVANNI's siblings had reported abuse to CPS, police, and the school.  He stated that the mother knew about the abuse. 
EVALYNN ARNOLD - 2 years old.  May 2017.  Norfolk, VA.  Boyfriend and mom abuse her finally kill her.  News reported on this story once and nothing about the back story or any updates.  What about his criminal record?  How long they were together?  Other reports of violence?   
May 2017.  2 y/o.  Columbia, SC.   Live-in boyfriend of 6 days charged with murder after extended abuse.  Mother charged with child endangerment. 
JAYDEN GLOMB - 13 years old.  June 2017.  Tucson, AZ.  Mother had just moved across the country away from the biological father, with new husband.  Step dad with prior convictions and/or allegations of child abuse was spying on JAYDEN and probably more.  He finally strangled her one night and took her body to the desert.  Of course he claims innocence, despite proof of him spying on JAYDEN and his missing shoes and a pile of other evidence.  Also he describes to detectives how HE was strangled by an unknown assailant.  The guy is clean cut and mild mannered.  
LATANIA CARWELL.  Apr 2017.  16 y/o.  Augusta, GA.  STEP DAD with extensive criminal background, a tattoo of a cross on his forehead, and apparent romantic interest in LATANIA took her in April but her body has not been found.  He is charged with kidnapping and stalking.  Mother is charged with hindering the apprehension of her husband.  She lied extensively to police and played the victim role to the public.  LATANIA was a straight A student and aspiring lawyer or teacher.  When the mother was asked about the step-dad's 'love interest' in LATANIA, she told the news, “Really,” Mrs. Tripp stated in disbelief. “He married to all this prettiness and he gon run away with our daughter? Come on now. That’s stupid!”

Update.  8.23.17 -  STEP DAD charged with Kidnapping and Murder.  Mother charged with Concealing a Death.
BRANDEN DARNELL CHRISTIAN  -  8 years old.  March 28th, 2017.  -  Orlando, FL.  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND also shot BRANDEN's 7 year old brother, but he lived.  BRANDEN's mother and grandfather were shot.  His mother died.  The boyfriend had a "long and violent history".  After a  drunken 3am fight at a WAWA and then at their home, between the mother and the boyfriend, the mother kicked the boyfriend out of their home with a bag of his belongings, which included his gun.  He came back 3 hours later to commit the crime while the children slept.
ZACHARY TENDOY.  Apr 2017.  18 mo old.  Blackfoot, ID.  Live-in boyfriend and mom drinking.  Mom went to bed.  Boyfriend stayed up and beat ZACHARY to death.  First degree murder charges against the boyfriend.
BENTLEY MILLER.  Mar 2017.  4 y/o.  Butler County, PA.  BENTLEY had been abused.  Boyfriend of mother raped and killed boy.  Death penalty sought.  Mother charged for hindering the apprehension of her boyfriend and Child Endangerment.  BENTLEY was reportedly "surrounded by felons" during his life.  At the funeral, family and friends were joking and stoned.  A fraudulent GoFundMe page was started.  Donated money was used for things it shouldn't be.
Comments by a disgusted family member: 
"People deserve to know and she deserves more punishment. I was at the funeral and it was a disgrace on her part. They were sitting near the casket laughing and talking with friends and family for some of the time. The majority of the funeral, they were in the parking lot, a while group of them dressed the same, drinking beer and smoking weed. When it came time for the final goodbye, they were all late, and smelled strongly of alcohol. She did not shed a tear. She was stoned faced. It was disgusting and embarrassing to be related to her.
Many people were horrified. I do have to say that her mother and sister were extremely upset and kind. Mackenzie has been a terrible person since she was very young. I use to say she was a sociopath. Now I know she is. What I can’t figure out is why Tyler [Miller, Bentley’s father] would even be talking to her. I’m am thinking maybe he was sedated. He seemed numb. I don’t know though. The whole situation was just weird."
CAIUS ALEXANDER BRUNER - 10 months old - Died March 2nd, 2017 - Boone, NC.  -  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND,  of 3 months, who was a sex offender, beat CAUIS and his 3 year old brother (who survived with serious injuries).  The mother, who knew of his criminal record, warned people to DO A BACKGROUND CHECK on people you have around your children, to get the FULL STORY.
ANNISTON WILSON - 16 months old - Died February 12, 2017 - Nahunta, GA.  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND and MOTHER are charged with murder in the beating death of ANNISTON, which was preceded by months of physical abuse that seem to have began around the time the new boyfriend moved in.  The mother is a very self-absorbed young mother who was pregnant with her new boyfriend's baby.  The boyfriend was listed as the father in the obituary and was a pall bearer.  Meanwhile, the REAL FATHER was attempting to get custody of ANNISTON and was shut out of her life.  A Child Protective report had been made prior to ANNISTON'S death.*Arrests*
LAYLAH HEETHER  -  18 months old  -  Died February 21, 2017  -  Newaygo County, Michigan.  STEPFATHER allegedly beat and sexually abused LAYLAH.  He had an extensive criminal record.
2 years old
BRAYDEN FERGUSON - 2 years old  -  Dayton, OH  -  February 14, 2017  -  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND beat BRAYDEN to death.  Previous assault by the boyfriend against JAYDEN.  CPS had recommended that the boyfriend stay away from JAYDEN, but mother left the child with him alone.*Arrest*
JOSHUA ISAIAH LOCKHART JR.  - Crystal, MN - Boyfriend of mother charged with abuse and murder.  Boyfriend had extensive criminal record, including domestic violence.
LUKA MICHAEL PATRICK - 1 year old - Died February 6, 2017 - Albany, NY.  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND is charged with beating the child to death.  The MOTHER  is also charged for leaving the child with the boyfriend despite the child's injuries and the history of abuse.  The boyfriend blames the mother.  He is 22.  She is 21.  He has raised his own 3 year old child with no reported incidents.  The mother was released pending trial.
ISAIAH KELLER - 18 months old - Died January 22, 2017 - Jacksonville, FL  -  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND tied up and gagged ISAIAH.   People were reportedly "shocked" that the guy would do such a thing, yet he lived in a hotel with the mother where drugs were found and he has a history of domestic violence.  So maybe not so shocking.  Though he did have his own biological children living in the hotel also.  The mother was pregnant when she met the  new boyfriend and moved to Jacksonville with him, allowing him to sign the birth certificate.  The mother is also charged with Aggravated Manslaughter.
ALEX MALCOLM - UK - Boyfriend with EXTENSIVE domestic violence history beat little ALEX with all of his strength in a fit of rage because ALEX couldn't find his shoe in a park.   Bystanders heard the smacks and the boy cry, "I'm sorry".  Mother said she had no idea about his extensive history of beating his girlfriends and their children.
JULIAN VALDEZ  -  8 months old  -  11.24.16  -  Fort Meyers, FL.  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND with serious criminal record allegedly beat JULIAN to death.  Mother is known to be drug user and left JULIAN with the friend for many days and could not be reached.
BRAYSON PRICE  -  Mooresville, IN.  Mother and boyfriend charged with Neglect and  Conspiracy to Commit Murder.  Boyfriend was charged with a different crime just hours before BRAYSON died.
LUNA YOUNGER  -  Lansing, MI  -  Step dad of 3 months, with no criminal history, snapped and stabbed LUNA to death after she asked him for food.  He was charged with first degree murder and was sentenced to life in prison on July 21, 2017.  Mother apparently has good relationship with the real father, as there is a picture of him and her on her Facebook profile page.
JULE ANNA ARVALO  -  2 years old.  Austin, TX.   October 18th, 2016.  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND beat JULE ANNA while mom was at work.  Mother had not been charged at the point of the local news last covering this, which was 3 days after JULE ANNA was killed.  Boyfriend had extensive violent criminal history.  Another family member had called CPS which led to an investigation 3 weeks prior to JULE ANNA's death.   Local news did 1-2 stories in the first 3 days and have not reported anything since.
CHADNEY and KARA ALLEN  - 19 & 17.  Sept. 2016.  Detroit, MI.  Step dad had already done 8 years in prison for murdering his other wife and child.  Yes, EIGHT years.  He found love again though and after about 5 years of making good with CHADNEY & KARA's mom and alienating the REAL father, he killed both step kids AND his own two kids, KOI (5) and KALEIGH (4)
VICTORIA MARTENS - querque, NM - Beyond horrific.  Methamphetamine involved..  Mother (Michelle Martens - 35), BOYFRIEND (Fabian Gonzales - 31), and another lady (Jessica Kelley - 31) have all been charged in Victoria's rape, murder, dismemberment, and burning.  The story is horrendous.  The mother reports in interviews that she enjoyed watching her daughter get raped.  Apparently Gonzales raped her after death also.  The level of depravity is beyond words.  Gonzales was supposed to be on supervised probation, but that slipped through the cracks.  Probation office denies fault.  Child Protective Services (CYFD) had been called to investigate but found nothing and they also claim no fault because all protocol was followed.  All three suspects deny involvement, despite circumstantial evidence, and detailed interview with the mother.  Gonzales has been in multiple fights in jail and since the trials are to be separate and therefore very expensive, I am sure the taxpayers of New Mexico, would not mind if he were killed in jail.  Jason Oetting is the man that raised her from 3 months old until 8 years old
Tyler Joseph "TJ" Caudill .. 8.23.16
6 years old
TYLER JOSEPH "TJ" CAUDILL   -  6 years old  -  8.23.16  -  Portsmouth, OH.  -  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND AND MOTHER are charged with murder.  The paternal family has been shut out since June of 2016 as the mother kept moving and a missing child report was filed on November 6.  Boyfriend was physically abusing TYLER and both mother and boyfriend were malnourishing TYLER.
Jordyn Dumont .. 8.15.16
3 years old

JORDYN DUMONT - almost 4 years old - Died August 15th, 2016 - Gastonia, NC. - MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND , who has a felony history, beat her to death while alone with the children. The FATHER had called Social Services several times because he was concerned about abuse, as the mother would not communicate with him. He lives out of town in Illinois. Social Services wrote him a letter stating JORDYN had "stable housing and good family support".

Police had been called 16 times to the home during the 9 months they were living there. Police say the calls were not related to the children.. In May, Social Services visited the home 5 times because of suspected neglect and substance abuse. Neighbors told the media that JORDYN had two black eyes a month before her death. The neighbor didn't call police. Neighbors didn't call police when the mother came running to their house with a busted and bloody head either.

The boyfriend's call to 911 was very emotional and frantic, saying JORDYN was missing. It goes to show you what a good liar someone can become after they killed somebody. The boyfriend wrapped her body in a black sheet and put her under some branches outside. She was missing for over 24 hours.
GRACE PACKER (aka Susan Hunsicker)  -  Bucks County, PA.  16 year old girl had been taken from her birth parents at age 2 because they 'couldn't provide a suitable home' for little Susan or her brother.  The lady who adopted her was a  supervisor with the Youth and Families Division and had fostered 30 children over the years.  Susan's name was changed to GRACE when she was adopted.  GRACE was sexually abused by the foster family father.  As a result, the mother was terminated from the Youth and Family Division.  Yet she maintained custody of  GRACE and her brother.  The mother and father divorce and in 2016, the mother's boyfriend and the mother sadistically carry out a planned rape and murder of the child.   Boyfriend facing the death penalty.  Who can protect the children when the system and abusive parents are on the same side?
MADYSON MARSHEL  (aka Puddy Cat, Pumpkin, or Pooh Bear)  -  Milwaukee, WI  -  March 19, 2016.  MOTHER'S BOYFRIEND stabbed to death both mother and MADYSON.  Mother met him online ONE MONTH prior to MADYSON'S death.  Family states that the mother would not allow him within 100 yards of her child if she had known he was "the way we no know him".  He received life in prison on May 5, 2017.  

MADYSON is a cancer  and surgery survivor.
COLTEN ALEXANDER MAY - Smithville, TN - Colten died from "repeated physical abuse", at the hands of the BOYFRIEND (Cody Key - 23).  Colten's mother (Jessica  Ashley May - 20), was initially charged with murder and later charged with Child Neglect for "knowing the abuse was taking place" and received 8 years in prison.  She was denied parole in June 2017, so must serve at least two more years.  She was pregnant at the time of her arrest in May 2015 and that child is living with her family.  The BOYFRIEND received 100% of 45 years.
Owen Collins .. 1.18.15
3 years old
Fort Wayne, IN - Three charged in Owen Collins death.  All three were "shooting dope" (meth) days before and "put dope in their bottles and watched them have fun".   BOYFRIEND (Zachary S. Barnes - 30) was sentenced to 50 years for murder.  Mother (Breanna Arnold -22) charged with Neglect of a Child Leading to Death, Altering the Scene of a Death, Abusing a Corpse, and Obstruction of Justice, but pleaded guilty to Dealing Methamphetamine and received 20 years in prison - the maximum penalty.  Zachary Barker - 16, was charged with Abuse of a Corpse and Dealing Meth. and received 12 years.
Edinburgh, TX - Boyfriend (Daniel Rodolfo Morales - 25) had serious delusional mental illness, and had been in and out of mental health facilities since he was 14.   Sebastian suffered "fractured skill, several injuries to his forehead and bruises to his back".  Morales sentenced to 25 years.
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Norcross, GA (moved from New York 2 days prior) - Mother (Elizabeth Helen Calvo - 21) and boyfriend (Adam Ross Garber - 25) both indicted on murder.  Mother had history of child abuse complaints dating back 5  years to other son.  Garber googled "I can't stop hitting my kid".    Injuries included, "“several fingerprint bruises” on his back; a hand print on his buttocks; a bruised jaw; forehead bruising; a fractured skull; bleeding in his nose and stomach; bruising to his penis and scrotum; bite marks to his fingers; diaper rash with skin breakdown, “possibly from scalding”; and a subdural hematoma causing bleeding to his brain."  To date, the mother has pleaded guilty to "cruelty to children".  No sentencing information available for either.  Garber's trial continually delayed.
JAELEN & FAITH EDGE  - Santa Ana, CA  -  Father, Mark, had been alienated and treated horribly by the court system, who enabled the mother.  After 8 years, alienation was finally proved and the mother decided to murder the children instead of allowing the father to have them.
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