Anjelica's life was allegedly taken by her mother's husband.  He was playing the role of a father figure, but obviously his intentions were different.

She never should have been put into that position.  There were so many ways this could have been stopped.

1.  This man should have been prosecuted for crimes he committed years before meeting my children's mother.

2.  Anjelica never should have been encouraged to reject me and my family.  Anjelica is not my biological child, but I am the only father she knew and she bore my last name and was considered my child by everybody for all of her childhood.  I still consider her my full-fledged daughter and I never stopped feeling that way.  At age 13 she was encouraged by her mother to move out of my home, after we had been equally sharing custody for almost 5 years.  This broke my heart and left Anjelica vulnerable and without a father.  Eight months after leaving my home, her mother met the man that would take her life 5 years later.  Before we had a chance to settle the riff between us, she was coerced into considering this man a father figure and had little use for me.  Within 2 years he was allowed to adopt her, despite a very lengthy criminal record and spending most of his adult life in different prisons.  I was utterly heartbroken.  Anjelica was also heartbroken and was convinced that I didn't love her.  She was lied to and was very confused at a vulnerable time of her life.

3.  This man should never have been brought around my daughters.  His lengthy criminal record included a grand jury indictment of rape, strangulation, and kidnapping.  He knew the mother for a very short time when he moved in.  He had only been out of prison for 6 weeks when they met.  I was very worried about my daughters from the beginning.

4.  Family Court failed.  I learned of his criminal record about a month after he moved in.  I first asked the mother to have him moved out.  She disagreed with me.   I was forced to seek protection of my girls by filing for custody through the courts.  The court-appointed investigator was horribly biased and incompetent.  The judge ignored the law and simply made his decision to remove my visitation, based on Anjelica's wishes as a 13 year old.  I believe it's child abuse to let a child choose a parent.  For more details on the Family Court failure, click HERE.

5.  The probation department failed by allowing him to live with my 3 young daughters having known things about his criminal record that we didn't know at the time of the custody petition in Family Court - such as stabbing a man in face many times, multiple assaults,  gang affiliation, drug abuse, serious mental illness, infatuation with death, increasing from medium to maximum security and spending the last two years in solitary confinement.  The probation officer never alerted me to this man living with my daughters, knowing that I shared equal custody.  During custody proceedings,  I subpoenaed the probation officer and his office rejected my request for his testimony.

Now the system continues to harm my shattered family since it's been almost 5 years and we still await trial.  Prosecutors waited for him to face unrelated charges in other jurisdictions, including the rape from 2005, before filing First Degree Murder charges against him.  This time waiting has been very difficult for everybody involved and I question if justice will be tainted because of the delay.  The trial will undoubtedly drag everyone through the mud, as Hadsell has continually lied and even gone as far as trying to frame an innocent 18 year old friend of Anjelica's for her murder.  It has been and will continue to be difficult, but through God's grace, justice will be served...