Norfolk, VA
Family Court Judge Joe Massey and GAL Charles Johnson sent Anjelica Marie, a beautiful, then 13-year old girl, to live with a sexually violent career criminal and to her death, despite her father trying to protect her.  These two lawyers had no right deciding issues of custody or ANYTHING to do with children.



Dear Judge Joseph P. Massey,

You sentenced a beautiful daughter, and awesome big sister to years of abuse and finally, murder.

Her name is Anjelica Marie Hoffer.  REMEMBER THAT.

In June 2010, after discovering the criminal past of the boyfriend of my children’s mother, I filed for full custody of my 3 daughters - aged 7, 9, & 13...

On February 17, 2010, 31 year old Wesley Hadsell got out of Victorville Federal Penitentiary.  He had spent about 10 years as an adult behind bars, in and out of prison.  He had just been released for bank robbery, which he committed while on the run from the police after violently raping and kidnapping his wife who he had been holding captive for 2 weeks.  According to 2005 court documents surrounding the grand jury indictment, Mr. Hadsell got angry at his wife and beat her, strangled her, and raped her.  There was a nationwide manhunt for Mr. Hadsell and his victim, with a $50,000 reward, labeling  him ‘armed and very dangerous’.  He was finally caught in Illinois, in a high-speed pursuit by multiple law enforcement agencies, after wrecking the vehicle, and hiding in a field all night.  This was public knowledge and I made this known to you during my custody dispute in 2010.

I also told you about his other crimes - Felony Restraint, Burglary, Forgery, Larceny and dozens of violations in prison.  He had a son and he made very little effort in being a father to him or providing for him.  But despite all this, you felt he was the better dad than the one Anjelica knew since she was a baby.  The one who taught her everything that she knew and who knew everything about her.  The one who loved her and would do everything for her.

On April 9, 2010, Mr. Hadsell met my children’s mother

About April 20, 2010 Mr. Hadsell began living with my children’s mother, and my three daughters.  I had equal shared parenting time for over 6 years, as previously ordered by Norfolk JDR, when you made your ruling to remove me from my oldest daughter’s life.  I was a good dad, despite Anjelica being alienated away from me for several months before the trial started.  There were many signs that something wasn’t right.  You paid no attention.  I hadn’t heard of Parental Alienation at that time, but since you were a family court judge, I now know you were familiar with the dynamic.  The signs were clear.  All you had to do was follow the Best Interest statute provided to you.  But you took the law into your own hands.

On May 12, 2010, my children’s mother and Wesley Hadsell got married.

On May 20, 2010, Mr. and Mrs. Hadsell and Anjelica went for several days on a honeymoon, to the mountains of Tennessee to visit his family.  I asked the mother not to do that.  I told her it was too soon for Anjelica and I was worried sick about Anjelica, being estranged from her father, and blooming into a beautiful young lady with a strange, and overly charming man, right out of prison, having full liberty with my child.  You knew all of this..

All of this was made known to you and the ‘guardian’ you appointed, during court, along with Mr. Hadsell’s extensive criminal record which also included Felony Restraint, Burglary, Larceny, Fraud, and dozens of serious prison violations.  

I was scrutinized by your appointed ‘guardian’, Mr. Charles A. Johnson.  I will admit I was anxious and stressed - worried about the safety of my girls.  I’m not sure who wouldn’t be.  But I kept my cool, trying not to make things worse.  I did not seek out Mr. Hadsell to confront him or start any unnecessary drama.  I wanted peace - for myself and for my children.  But you and your ‘guardian’ chose the wrong side, in the face of clear evidence.

Mr. Johnson didn’t contact any of the victims of Mr. Hadsell, or family members, or friends, or the probation officer, or do an in-depth background check, which I had done.  In his report, Mr. Johnson downplayed Mr. Hadsell’s criminal record and lied about very important facts.  He reported that Mr. Hadsell’s “girlfriends seem to get into hard situations” and even reported that Mr. Hadsell’s wife was charged with the bank robbery in 2005, as well as Mr. Hadsell.  This is a complete fabrication, gathered only from a conversation with Mr. Hadsell himself..  I complained to you about Johnson’s lack of action and incompetence, both during the trial and after.  You did NOTHING.  Mr. Johnson continued as a GAL for 5 more years.  

Had you have required that Mr. Johnson do his job, and spoken to the probation officer, we would have learned that Mr. Hadsell had several assaults in prison, including attempted murder by stabbing a man multiple times in the face.  Mr. Johnson would have known about Mr. Hadsell’s gang affiliations, drug abuse history, and being on lock down for the last two years of his prison stay.  I subpoenaed the federal probation officer, Tomas Ramirez.  That was squashed, but Mr. Johnson should have called or visited the probation officer, as I had done.

Mr. Johnson ridiculed me excessively in his report, carrying on for an entire paragraph in his report, about a job that I was fired from 7 years prior, without asking me about it.  No crime was committed.  It was not worth reporting.  My record is clean except for non-criminal traffic violations and a misdemeanor from age 20.    He referred to me, the protective and concerned father, as “antagonistic” and “self-righteous”.  He ridiculed my reaction when Mr. and Mrs. Hadsell both approached me and grabbed my 7 year old daughter while I hugged her good-bye.  Persistent ridicule was pressed upon me, though NOTHING was presented which as concern for the well-being of the children. Why couldn’t you at least admonish Mr. Johnson’s bias?  Why would you continue to use this GAL?  As a judge, you should have seen the precarious situation my girls were in.

There were many other real concerns that I raised in the court which were ignored.  For instance, Mr. Hadsell’s 18 year old nephew moved into the home just a couple months after Mr. Hadsell did.  Alienators tend to make the child their ‘best buddy’ and convince them that the other parent is bad.  Anjelica was getting the ‘golden child’ treatment and allowed to do whatever she wanted.  She was told that I didn’t want her.  The mother was not communicating with me about Anjelica.  Anjelica had stopped talking to me, my family, my friends, and even friends of hers that she usually only saw when with me.  The things the mother was doing was detrimental to the BEST INTEREST of the children, yet nothing I was doing went against their best interest, as defined by law.  

You ordered 50/50 parenting time remain the same with my younger two girls, but you changed my 50/50 with Anjelica to ZERO.  You didn’t opt for weekends or every other weekend.  You went above and beyond and went straight for ZERO.  In the face of reason.  In the face of decency.  In the face of the BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN.

In 2012, just over a year after the custody trial, Mr. Hadsell adopted Anjelica, without my knowing, because I was erased.  I was in fact the only father Anjelica had known, as acknowledged by you and your guardian, all of our family and friends, and the schools and doctors, etc.  Her name was Anjelica Hoffer until she was unjustly adopted by Hadsell just before her 16th birthday.  Needless to say, the adoption put an even further divide between Anjelica and I.

In March of 2015, she died fatherless.  The father figure that you endorsed, with your ignorance of what a child needs, had turned against her and took her life - because he was not a father.  He did not love Anjelica as a father - as I did.  

In 2016, Mr. Hadsell was deemed a Career Armed Criminal, by a federal court judge, having the same record he had when he was in your court room, except for the 2016 federal conviction for Possession of Ammunition.  You can review the 60-page sentencing report to see how THAT judge recognized the danger this man posed and sentenced him 20 years in prison.  The prosecutor only asked for 15.
Mr. Hadsell is now finally being tried for the 2005 rape, assault, and kidnapping, which he had been indicted by a grand jury for, in 2005.  If your appointed ‘guardian’ can use here say to report a job that the REAL father was fired from 7 years prior, then surely he could consider a grand jury indictment for something as serious as rape, assault, & kidnapping, to err on the side of safety for the children??  But regardless of the GAL report, YOU were told about the strangulation, beating, raping, and kidnapping, because I had spoken with the victim and read the court documents.  You did NOTHING.

After Ohio, Virginia will prosecute him for what he did to Anjelica.  The truth of Anjelica’s story will be made known to all.  

I understand that you were only a construction law attorney when your good friend nominated you to be a judge and that there was no requirement to have any significant education in things like Child Abuse, Psychology, Family Dynamics, Childhood Development, Social Work, Parental Alienation, etc, but have you at least read Virginia statute “§ 20-124.3. Best interests of the child; visitation.” - at any time during your career?  I hope not, because then you would be held culpable for your lawless decisions.  That might have been an excuse for violating EVERY item in the Best Interest statute...

  1. MENTAL CONDITION OF THE CHILD. - Anjelica was referring to this man as ‘dad’ on social media within months of meeting him.  She had stopped responding to me or talking to my family and friends.  She was clearly being ‘brain washed’.
  1. MENTAL CONDITION OF THE PARENTS. - Anjelica’s mother was alienated from her mother at age 12, who died just two months before Anjelica was alienated from me.
  1. PARENT'S ABILITY TO MEET CHILD'S NEEDS. - I had been an active father for over 13 years and had already been granted 50/50 custody by courts, 5 years prior.
  1. CHILD'S TIME W/ SIBLINGS, EXTENDED FAMILY & PEERS. - Anjelica permanently lost half of her time with her sister whom she grew up with and was very close to.  Anjelica also lost complete contact with friends and family on my side.
  1. FUTURE ROLE OF THE PARENT. - By terminating my parenting time, you aided and abetted in erasing me and leaving Anjelica without a father.
  1. PARENT SUPPORTING CHILD'S CONTACT WITH OTHER PARENT. - The mother had CLEARLY alienated Anjelica not only from me, but from her biological father when she was a baby.  I was always willing to share parenting duties with their mother, and would have even welcomed the biological father, had I known he wanted to see Anjelica.
  1. PARENT'S DESIRE TO HAVE A RELATIONSHIP W/CHILD & RESOLVE DISPUTES. - By virtue of filing custody, not to mention repeated attempts at communication, my desire to have a relationship was clear.  I attempted to resolve disputes, but their mother absolutely antagonized the situation to make it worse.
  1. REASONABLE PREFERENCE OF THE CHILD. - This is the only factor you considered and yet Anjelica’s preference WAS NOT reasonable.
  1. HISTORY OF FAMILY ABUSE. - Mr. Hadsell had been convicted of at least 3 crimes in and out of prison, that qualify as “Family Abuse”, and a grand jury found a true bill for rape, two counts of felony assault, and kidnapping.  

Judicial Canon 2 - “A judge SHALL respect and comply with the law.  No impropriety.” 
The Best Interest statute is LAW Mr. Massey.  

Judicial Canon 3B(5) - “A judge SHALL perform judicial duties without bias or prejudice.”. Why else did you ignore the law to change my custody from 50/50 to ZERO of Anjelica, while maintaining 50/50 with my other two girls?  Bias against a father and for a criminal.

Judicial Canon 3B(8) - “Dispose court business promptly.” 
You delayed the safety of my daughters by not showing up to court at the first hearing and then finally hearing the substance of my concerns 4 months after my filing.  How about when you crammed us into the end of your busy day, only to cut us off so you could go home to YOUR kids, and then pick up two months later?  By that time all of my concerns seemed like faded memories to you.

Judicial Canon 3D(2) - “Take appropriate action when lawyer (GAL) violates
 “Professional Code..”.
You failed to respond in ANY WAY to an incompetent, unprofessional guardian ad litem, despite his LIES and bias and incompetence.  The ‘guardian’ was in err so many times, that it’s hard to imagine it wasn’t purposeful.  He Mr. Johnson made no request to the court for a Psych. Eval., or parenting classes for the new man just out of prison, or an emergency removal based on two very questionable men that the mother hardly knew, living in a small house with my three daughters.  Mr. Johnson downplayed Wesley Hadsell’s criminal history significantly.  In his report he gloated about how great Hadsell was doing, stating “he had self-control”, “a lively awareness of the consequences”, was “confident he will behave appropriately”, called his crimes “youthful indiscretions”, “desires to make good of his marriage”, and “willing to get on the straight and narrow”.  Does that sound like a quality investigation, especially considering the facts that were immediately available, not to mention all that I told him?  

Judge’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 II-A. pg 392 - “Court SHALL assure frequent and continuing contact with BOTH both parents, when appropriate, and encourage parents to share in the responsibilities of rearing their children. Va. Code § 20-124.2.” 
Did you do that when you violated the law by taking away ALL of my time with my 13 year old daughter?  You said, “by virtue of her age”, and you eliminated her father, with the swipe of your mighty pen.  How much weight should “her age” play into it, if even her own mother was clearly duped by a con man right out of prison, to the point of blatantly putting our daughters in harm’s way?  What about Jennifer’s own alienation from HER mother and the obvious signs of alienation with Anjelica - complete rejection of a normal range and loving parent?  Your job was to provide a VERY IMPORTANT service to families that relied on your expertise.  What, if any, devotion did you have, to the study of human psychology, child abuse, and other family dynamics?

Judge’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 V. pg 396 - “Available Tools”, gives you SEVEN tools to use to remedy the custodial disputes.  You chose an inept guardian, with 7 hours of training and no children of his own, a clear bumbling idiot, and to send us to “Family Counseling”.  How does family counseling address the safety of my children?  Why did you ignore the signs of a sociopath preying on my children?

Judge’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 VI-A(1) pg 399 - “Investigative Reports”, REQUIRES you have due diligence in getting the factual information in such a case as this one.  

Judges’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 VI-B(10) pg 401 - “an older child’s preference should “be given weight… but is not conclusive.”  Hall v. Hall, 210 Va. 668 (1970); Va. Code § 20-124.3. 
Why did you IGNORE EVERY ASPECT OF THE BEST INTEREST STATUTE, EXCEPT THE CHILD’S PREFERENCE?  This clearly states that the child’s weight is NOT ENOUGH by itself.  What else then were you basing your decision to ignore the remaining items of the Best Interest Statute, such as “mental condition of the parent”, “mental condition of the child”, “relationship between parent and child”, “relationship of child to siblings and extended family”, “parent’s willingness to support the child’s contact with the other parent and unreasonable denial”, “parent’s willingness to resolve disputes”, and MOST GLARING - “THE HISTORY OF FAMILY ABUSE”????

Judge’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 VI-C(3) pg 402 - “Would ‘actual harm’ occur if visitation were to cease?” - Surles v. Mayer, 48 Va. App. 146 (2006).  O’Rourke v. Vutoro, 49 Va. App. 139 (2006).  What do you think now?  Would ‘actual harm’ occur as a result of letting a sexually violent career criminal, just out of maximum security prison, and his 18 year-old nephew, both of whom the mother had just met, live with 3 young girls, including one who was turning into a beautiful young lady and was estranged from her father?

Judge’s Bench Book.  Chapter 2 VI-D. pg 403 - “Court MUST assure frequent and continuing contact with BOTH parents, unless the best interest of the child dictates otherwise”. 
Did the best interest of MY child dictate otherwise to you?


"Woe to those who make unjust laws, and deny justice and rights to the poor and the FATHERLESS and the widow... disaster comes." - Isaiah 10:1-3

"Cursed is anyone withholding justice from the FATHERLESS or the foreigner or the widow." - Deuteronomy 27:19

"I, Jehovah, will strike my hands together at those who mistreat the foreigner, the FATHERLESS, and the widow." - Ezekiel 22:7-13

"I Jehovah, will put those on trial, who oppress and deprive justice to the widows, the FATHERLESS, and foreigners." - Malachi 3:5
"Defend the weak, the FATHERLESS... and oppressed." - Psalms 82:3

“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea.” - Matthew 18:6

"Pure religion is to look after the FATHERLESS and the widow in their affliction, and separate from the world." - James 1:27

"If you deal justly and do not oppress the foreigner, the FATHERLESS, or the widow, then I, Jehovah, will let you live in the land I gave your ancestors - forever." - Jeremiah 7:5-7

"Jehovah watches over and sustains the foreigner, the FATHERLESS, and the widow." - Psalms 146:9

"Seek justice; Defend the oppressed; Defend the FATHERLESS." - Isaiah 1:17

“Do not take advantage of the widow or the FATHERLESS.  If you do and they cry out to me, I will certainly hear their cry.  My anger will be aroused, and I will kill you with the sword." - Exodus 22:22 

Yes I am angry.  And I am hurt.  But this is the truth that needs to be told - for #justice4Anjelica and to show how destructive family court is, so we can change it.

What would you do?

Your ex manipulates your daughter to believe that you don't care and you don't love her.  Then she does everything she can to reinvent the child, including change her name and give her a new father...

How can that even happen?  When you love somebody so much, how can they be convinced of the exact opposite?

Emotional manipulation of a parent.

That's what happened to my daughters, one by one as they became 13 years old - like clockwork. 


Parents do this because of their own severe childhood trauma that involves a traumatic separation with a parent.

Not one ounce of compassion or concern for the fact that a child NEEDS a good father.  And the courts agreed.

A few months after Anjelica was alienated in 2009, my children's mother meets a man (on April 9, 2010) just weeks out of maximum security prison (released Feb. 21, 2010) and invites him to live with my THREE daughters at their home.  I had 50/50 custody of the girls for 5 years prior to this.

A month after they meet, my ex and her career criminal man, get married (May 12, 2010).

10 days later, the couple go on a honeymoon for a week - WITH MY 13 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER - and out to meet his family in Tennessee.  I protest and I am told to 'mind my own business, cause they were just having fun.'

Within weeks, she let's her new husband's 18 year old nephew live with my girls as well. 

I begged my ex to have the man live apart from my children, for awhile - for the safety of my children - given his record, and given how long she knew him.

I was shut down.

In June 2010, I go to court to get full custody of all three girls.  Considering her reckless behavior and alienating Anjelica, I almost felt sorry for the mother, because she was sure to lose custody...

That is where I learn about the complete upside down, corrupt, kangaroo court called 'Family Court'.

I ask the Guardian ad Litem to recommend to the judge that my children be protected.  I provided him with the criminal record I had found on the man. 

I subpoenaed Hadsell's probation officer to testify in custody court about his past.  He did not cooperate.

I asked WH's ex-wife Michelle, and her father, Bob, to testify about WH's violent and illegal behavior.  They do not cooperate.

Within a couple months of meeting Mr. Hadsell, Anjelica is calling this man 'dad' on her Facebook profile.  How could her mother encourage such a relationship with a man the child just met, while she is estranged from the father she knows and loves?

My custody was changed by Judge Joseph Massey, from 50/50 to ZERO of Anjelica Marie.  My other two daughters remained 50/50.

The probation officer was never called upon by the court, nor were any other character witnesses for the Career Criminal living with my daughters.

This is great news for the mother and her new husband. 

He fraudulently adopts Anjelica 2 years later, without my awareness.  I live 5 miles away and I try to be around her whenever I can, despite the fact she is no longer calling me daddy.

But away she goes.  I was ERASED.

Bet ya think it can't happen to you?  THINK AGAIN.  It happens all the time.


On March 2. 2015 - five years after this man moved in with my children - Anjelica went missing.  After 39 days, she was found dead in back of an abandoned house, buried in a shallow grave.

Her (fraudulently) adopted dad's GPS went right there to the abandoned house on March 4.  

Much more evidence has been brought to light, implicating him, but  3 years later and NOT ONE PERSON HAS HAD ANY ACCOUNTABILITY!

She is known by his last name and the mother proudly proclaims her name as AJ HADSELL, named for the man the should never have been around her - EVER!

You probably think I am exaggerating.  Actually, you haven't heard a fraction of how unjust, absurd and heartbreaking this has been.  

And most of it is documented.  It's not just some story that I am telling.  It's the ugly truth, and the truth sets us free, now matter how much it hurts.

Judge Joseph P. Massey, who was also the Chief Judge of Norfolk Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court at the time, COMPLETELY ignored EVERY ASPECT of Virginia's Best Interest Law (§ 20-124.3.) (see complaint on this page).  In section 9, it clearly states "the court SHALL consider any history of family abuse", which is defined by § 16.1-228 as "any act involving violence, force, or threat that results in bodily injury or places one in reasonable apprehension of death, sexual assault, or bodily injury and that is committed by a person against such person's family or household member."


12.28.17 - Complaint to
judicial Inquiry Review Commission

Judge Joe Massey DID NOT follow the LAW.
He neglected EVERY SECTION of the 'Best Interest of a Child' state code. the Canons AND the Judge's Bench Book.
He did NOTHING about the incompetent 'Guardian' - Charles Johnson.
He did NOTHING to protect my children.
He aligned with an abusive ALIENATOR to ERASE me from my oldest daughter's life.
He took custody of AJ from me, her father, and gave her to a SEXUALLY VIOLENT CAREER CRIMINAL!!

1.4.18 - JIRC response - Massey

If the Judicial Inquiry & Review Board can't do anything about a judge neglecting to follow the law - 

9.21.10 - guardian report for custody dispute

Charles Johnson, severely violated the Standards to Govern the Performance of a Guardian ad Litem, when he failed to adequately investigate the criminal record of the man living with my children.  The ‘guardian’ was in err so many times, that it’s hard to imagine it wasn’t purposeful. He downplayed the man’s criminal history, stating he had done less than 2 year in prison during one particular sentence, when it was more than 3, not including the year and a half from age 17-19.  In his report he practically gloated about how great the man was doing, stating “he had self-control”, “a lively awareness of the consequences”, was “confident he will behave appropriately”, called his crimes “youthful indiscretions”, “desires to make good of his marriage”, “willing to get on the straight and narrow”, and went so far as to state, “his girlfriends seem to get themselves in hard situations” and even erroneously reported that the woman who was beaten, strangled, raped, and taken against her will was also charged in the bank robbery.  COMPLETELY UNTRUE, but that’s how your minion Charles Johnson described a man who kidnapped two women, was accused of raping and assaulting several times, and violated protective orders.  Yet when it came time to talk about me, Mr. Johnson spent an entire paragraph talking about a job I had gotten fired from 7 years prior, and reported that I did not handle things well, calling me “antagonistic” and “more than a little self-righteous”.  He had nothing positive to say about me. He was apparently angry at me because I brought up his lack of response, to you in court. And of course, you did NOTHING. Just as you did NOTHING in reaction to his bogus report or even after the trial, in reaction to my complaint that I wrote to you.  Instead, he remained a ‘guardian’ for 5 more years, undoubtedly destroying many lives, as he, nor you, had any respect for the role of a father, and he especially, having never been one himself.

8.10-26.17 - emails with guardian charles johnson

During the custody trial, I begged the 'Guardian' - CHARLES JOHNSON - to act to protect my children, and especially Anjelica, from a dangerous situation.  He ignored my communication for two weeks and finally responded when I threatened to complain.  His response was rude and unprofessional and was NOT in the best interest of my children.

9.29.10 - The mother's  questionnaire during custody trial

This questionnaire to Anjelica's mom, is full of lies and exaggerations to take the focus off of her and her reckless behavior letting two men live with my daughters. 
She says she knew WH for two months. 
They met 4.9 - moved in 4.20 - married 5.12.
She says it was the same courtship as with me.
Her and I met online, phone, letters - 11.97
we met in person - 6.98
began living together - 8.98
we married - 8.2000

She calls herself the primary caregiver.  
We split all time and responsibilities down the middle, except for the first year of our separation, while she was getting on her feet and I had the children much more often.
I was involved in EVERYTHING, from school work and activities to extracurricular stuff and school, and providing healthy food and their own rooms and beds and good clothes and a safe place to live and love and attention.
She became primary as she stole the children one by one....

She says my anger is why Anjelica chose to stop being my daughter.
I was angry AT THE MOTHER about her stealing my oldest daughter and putting all of my girls in danger.
I did get angry at Anjelica at first, because she was getting distant and then stayed with her mom.  That was my mistake, because in ACTUALITY, it was the MOTHER (and her weasel husband), who manipulated Anjelica's mind & heart....

There is NO REASON to erase a loving and attentive and very active and responsible father from a child's life.


10.2000 - subpoena to hadsell probation officer & response

Probation Officer Tomas Ramirez did not inform me when WH moved in with my children.  Mr. Ramirez would NOT testify in the custody hearings about WH's history because of cited legalities, despite WH's OBVIOUS danger to children.


6.19.2004 - letter granting adoption from bio dad

Although Anjelica and I did not share DNA, she took after me in many ways because I was the only father she knew.  In 2006, her mother told her I wasn't her biological father.  This was at the same time that she tried to get custody of the girls.   It was a very ugly and divisive move, made out of jealousy because I was very close with the girls.  In this email from the biological and totally absent father, I was granted permission to adopt Anjelica.  Jennifer, Anjelica's mother, never told me this and instead stuck to her story that he was not cooperating.  In 2016 Rammel, the bio father, told me that Jennifer had a child support case against him that began soon after she took Anjelica from him, and that he loved Anjelica  but knew there was no hope in him getting visitation so he essentially gave up. 

Anjelica was known by all as Anjelica Hoffer, until she was 16, when she was fraudulently adopted by the career criminal that her mother had known for 2 years at that point.  Meanwhile the mother was influencing Anjelica to forget about me and telling her I didn't care or love her.  That woman is a liar.

Wesley Hadsell's criminal history

    Wes hadsell criminal record prior to 2010

In 1999, when Mr. Hadsell was 20, he was convicted of kidnapping his girlfriend who had just turned 16.
After serving 3 years in prison in North Carolina for that along with burglary, breaking and entering, and fraud, he moved to Ohio and married a woman.

In Aug. 2005 he allegedly raped, strangled, and kidnapped his wife while she had a restraining order against him for Dom. Violence.  He took her across the country, robbing along the way.  There was a nationwide manhunt for him and he was finally caught, after a high-speed car chase involving multiple law enforcement agencies and a helicopter.  He wrecked the car, injuring his wife and he was later found hiding in a field.

Later in 2005, a grand jury determined he likely raped, assaulted, and kidnapped his wife.  However, he was tried and convicted in federal court for bank robbery and the state charges were not pursued.  His wife immediately divorced him after the interstate ordeal.

2005 grand jury indictment for rape, strangulation,
striking, & kidnapping 

While in prison, Wesley Hadsell committed dozens of serious crimes, including stabbing a man in the face multiple times, threatening officers, sex crime, and bizarre rebellious behavior.  He had a serious drug problem and had been know to transport and sell large quantities of drugs.  He is known to have Aryan Nation affiliation.   Court documents point out serious mental health issues, including ideations with death and suicide.  On his eyelids are the tattoos, "GAME OVER", indicating the game is only over when he is dead in the coffin.
On February 17, 2010, he was released from maximum security federal prison in Victorville, CA.  He had spent his last two years in solitary confinement.

It's been 3 years and we still wait for justice.  ALL evidence points directly at WH.  
- He broke into a house to ‘find’ Anjelica’s jacket while she was missing.  It’s believed he was planting the jacket to frame Anjelica’s friend.  
- He 'discovered' multiple items of her clothing along a road 25 miles away.  
- He likely saw Anjelica last.  
- GPS puts him at the location her body was found 60 miles away, close to where he was working.   To see how twisted he is, here he is crying and staring at the camera

Within 2 weeks of her missing, WH was arrested for B & E, threats & Poss. of Ammo.  In late 2016 he was convicted for the ammo and sentenced to 20 yrs in fed. prison, as a Career Armed Criminal.
Just after his federal conviction in 2016, Ohio pressed charges for the 2005 rape, strangulation, and kidnapping of his wife, something the family courts in Norfolk were fully aware of in 2010, when I was trying to protect my daughters from this man.

WH is still on trial in Ohio.

Charles Johnson, the attorney Guardian ad Litem, practiced as a GAL until 2015 and still practices as a Family Law attorney.
Both of these two people need their BAR license revoked and need to be banned from making decisions regarding the well-being of others, especially children.

Judge Joseph Massey is still a family court judge in Norfolk, VA despite complaints that I have filed against him.

{This entire manuscript can be found at or clicking the link below}

"Mr. Hadsell's criminal record began when he was 12 years old. And before this current offense, he has about 14 juvenile adjudications, or adult felony convictions..."

"He has not had just second and third chances, but fourth and fifth, and all the way down the line."

"at every opportunity, he has shown complete disrespect for the law... and for the safety and the rights and the property of others."

[other crimes listed at age 12 and 16]

" age 17 indecent phone calls. You served approximately two months in jail."

"As an adult, you have at age 17 the statutory burglary, and you served approximately one year and seven months."

"Age 19, a failure to appear."

"Age 19, another failure to appear."

"And I want to make this record, because the crimes escalate as he gets older."

"In 1996 there's a statutory burglary conviction."

"In 1998, felonious restraint. The defendant restrained a 16 year-old woman and transported her in a car. He violated probation by continuing to contact her and, in fact, impregnated her, after which that restriction was lifted. While on probation, he had violations for grand theft auto and a number of other conditions of probation."

"He has a child with the victim of his forcible restraint conviction. The easy way to put it is that relationship is strained. He's arrears in his child support. She advised she began dating you when she was 14, got pregnant."

"1998, breaking and entering."

"1999, second degree burglary."

"The probation violations after this conviction included charges for felonious assault, domestic violence, rape, and kidnapping. Those charges were dismissed without prejudice, and they came out of an incident that I'll describe later in which the defendant allegedly kidnapped, strangled, struck and then raped his estranged wife multiple times. Those were charges in Ohio, and they have been, I'm happy to report, reinstated, and he'll face those charges down the road."

"In 1999, multiple convictions for forgery."

"The details of his first marriage and the very disturbing allegations from his first wife are detailed in Paragraph 70. I'm not going to hit every part of it here. It is enough to say she reports a vicious, multi-day kidnapping, multiple rapes, punctuated by violence and threats to kill member of her family if she did not comply."

"She realized that the marriage was done. And you had stolen checks. She explained that the conduct in 2005 began when you contacted her to meet regarding retrieving property, you guys began to argue over the divorce, and you hit her in the face with an open hand, you started to push her to the back bedroom, pushed her on the bed and slapped her. When she refused to have sex, you began strangling her while lying on top of her. She reported that she was resistant and frozen with fear.  She advised that you..... She explained she pressed charges on the night the offense occurred. A day or two later, she came home from work and you surprised her by coming out of the garage. She attempted to call the police, but you grabbed her from behind and twisted her neck, pushed her into the bedroom, grabbed some clothes from a drawer and threw the clothes into a bag, forced her into a car and drove off. And you told her different lies in and attempt to justify kidnapping her. During the time she was kidnapped, you would hit, strangle and rape her. She tried to walk away once when you were asleep, but you awoke and caught her. Threatened to kill members of her immediate and extended family or anyone else she tried to get involved. She reported it was almost 10 months later before you were charged with the conduct. She had spent her time trying to heal. She's indicated she was traumatized and not strong enough to go through with the charges."

"In 2005 he moves to the federal system for bank robbery. He gave a teller a note saying that he was armed. He got away. He was later found at a rest stop in Illinois. Fled by car. Was later captured, incarcerated."

"You're incarcerated, and then you're cited for threatening bodily harm three times, setting a fire twice, assault, interfering with a security device twice, destruction of property three times, possessing intoxicants twice."

"...other arrests that were either nolle prossed or dismissed or you were found not guilty. And they were for either B&E, contributing to the delinquency of a minor, reckless driving, aggressive fleeing police, driving on a suspended, felonious assault, rape, domestice violence, obstruction of justice..."

".. it's a path of not just a lack of concern for the law,... but actively flouting the law and violating the rights of others, really at every opportunity."

"There's a history of mental health issues, but also a history of Mr. Hadsell saying what he thinks is going to be in his benefit when it comes time for sentencing."

"Likewise, he claims a history of drug use, including marihuana and cocaine, but he also said that when he was in federal court the last time, he made up claims about drug abuse to qualify for a drug program that would take time off of his sentence, willfully providing false information to the Court."

"Another serious concern for the Court is your mental health history. It's extensive and it's poor and it's troubling..."

"In 2005, records from the Delaware County Sheriffs Office show that you attempted to hang yourself in your cell. ... and the clinician indicated there may be a manipulative aspect to your suicidal ideation relating to possible consequence of this discovery of your escape plan. You were diagnosed with..." [pg 58]

" said, "I don't like being told what to do. I have 70 or more prison charges for stabbing a child molester, setting fires, assault and disobeying orders and other things... I'm not sure I can be helped.""

" stated you have many issues to address, and you want to "get all of the violence out of my head.""

"You stated that if anything caused you to be rearrested, you would likely kill yourself or die trying to escape."

"That is something you shared in 2010."

"You were asked about your numerous tattoos of skulls and death and you stated "Because I'm fascinated with death."

"You were asked about your tattoos "Game" and "Over" on your eyelids and remarked, "When I die, people will see that all of the bullshit is over.""

"And then they diagnosed you with..." [pg 59]

Parental alienation

Dr. Craig Childress describes it as a dysfunction in the "Attachment System" of a person.  This comes from serious childhood trauma involving separation from a parent.

Personality Disorders develop to help a person compensate.  Dysfunctional behavior ensues.

Those behaviors include an unhealthy alliance with their child, (usually the oldest FIRST), to the point of projecting their deep-seated anxieties into the child's heart and mind.  At some point, if a 'trigger' is set off, that disturbed parent turns against the other parent, as an unconscious reflex against abandonment.  That target parent is then painted as the enemy and once this has happened, it is only a matter of time before the children take on the exact same emotional disturbance.  This is what psychologists call 'splitting behavior', where things are black and white - either for the parent or against that parent.  The child has no choice but to comply or face the wrath of the irrational broken parent.  The wrath includes mockery, withholding love, outbursts of anger, and putting them in the 'enemy zone'.  In the process, the children lose their identity and are afraid to express empathy or love, especially for the targeted parent.

This is not as rare as you would hope.  There are many online support groups filled with thousands of stories of tragedy and broken-hearted parents.

If your child is showing signs of rejecting you as a parent, a lack of empathy, haughty or judgmental attitude, and being treated like an adult by the other parent, splitting behavior, irrational accusations about how you treat them or the food you give them, and is inappropriately concerned for the well-being of the other parent, you may be the target of Parental Alienation by a parent with severe unresolved attachment system trauma.  That parent will fit the criteria for Borderline and/or Narcissistic Personality Disorder.  This is CHILD ABUSE.  Dr. Craig Childress, says that the damage from this kind of abuse is second only to sexual incest.  He says the damage is greater than physical abuse and even abuse by an untreated schizophrenic  or bi-polar parent.  The DSM V codifies this abuse as "Pathogenic Parenting" (v995.51).
"Their evil deeds have no limit;  they do not seek justice... in the case of the FATHERLESS."  - Jeremiah 5:28